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    Okay, let me start by saying that I live in Wisconsin. That should speak volumes to people who visit a website for beer enthusiasts. I did not start out life liking beer at all as my dad drank (insert watered down macro-brew beer). It was not until I moved to Wisconsin and went to a Brew Pub called the Great Dane, that I tried the first beer I liked which was their stout. I was amazed that a beer could actually have flavor. After that I tried many of the other great micro-brew beers Wisconsin has to offer (Lake Louie, Capitol Brewery, New Glarus etc.) I recently spent a year in Florida and was exposed to several non-Wisconsin beers with great results. There is no real beer culture in the Orlando area to speak of. In spite of this I tried a few beers I would not have tried living in Wisconsin such as Sam Adams, Yeng Ling and Florida Beer Company.
    I have since moved back to Wisconsin, but I still have a close friend in Florida that is a beer nut like me. I hope to use this forum to keep in contact with him and explore our "thirst" for knowledge.
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