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    I'm relatively new to Craft as defined by BA. I've never lived in a large city where there were any well-regarded breweries that happened to be local. Additionally, although distribution has increased everywhere substantially recently, even presently I have very few options near me. In general, I travel up to 90 minutes in one of several directions to obtain "good" craft options. Most of these are shelfies. In my area, very few BA stouts actually sit on the shelf for very long. There are many styles and even more breweries (including extremely popular ones) that I have yet to try.

    When I joined BA, I read primarily in open forums. Slowly but surely I began perusing trade forums. Due to a speudo-local BA reaching out, I began working on my first trade. After that, I became hooked. Trading is fun. I love trying new beers that I would otherwise not have any access to. -And, in turn, I love sending people great beer. I'm definitely a "love to trade good beer for good beer" type of BA. I never haggle too much, and I look at every new trade as being the potential to start a trading relationship. As of this writing, I have many repeated trades because I love becoming friends with my trade partners, and in turn getting to share great beer.

    Beer styles I love
    • First and foremost, non-adjunct Bourbon BA stouts. I like BBA stouts like I like my Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye - neat!
    • In no particular order after non-adjunct stouts, I also like other BA stouts (adjunctless or adjunctfull), Bourbon BA English Barleywines (hate hops in BWs, so English only - and I'm not much of a fan of non-BA varieties).
    • I also like good Belgian styles (dubbels, tripel's, quads, bocks), and malty beer (especially good scotch ales).
    • Lastly, I'm not big on IPAs. I have an extreme bitter sensitivity. That said, I've gotten to try a few NE style IPAs, and I have liked them. Never tried a Milkshake IPA. The less bitter, the more I seem to enjoy the hops, although I have not had anything below 25 IBU I don't think.

    Beer styles I Hate
    • Anything where hops are not expected or don't belong. I.e., no stouts with obvious hop notes, no belgians that are suddenly hoppy, etc.
    • Most sours. I can't stand them for the most part. Below I give examples of some sours I have tried and that I enjoy and will drink.
    • Anything with smoke
    • Overly bitter beer. KBS is an example of a beer right on the cusp of being too bitter for me.
    • Cherry Beers of pretty much any style. I hear Revolution "Deth by Cherries" was amazing, and would love to try it, but every other cherry beer of any style I have completed hated.
    • Spicey beer. Pepper flavor (e.g. BOMB!) is ok, but the pepper that comes through in some "pepper beers" is just way too much for me.
    • Lagers in general are not my jam. I enjoy Purple Haze from Abita, but that's very different.

    Here's some examples of beer styles, with an example or 2 of beers that I really enjoy, and a brief explanation why and what I like.

    1. BA stout (non-adjunct): Bourbon County (I love the punch of bourbon. I prefer the punch to it being subtle.
    2. BA stout (adjunct): Bourbon County Coffee (This was not bitter, whereas Victory Java Cask was bitter and biting). Would like to try more vanilla BA stouts. Have yet to try a "Vanilla Bomb!" I did not particularly like the funky Bourda beers that I had, although I wonder if their BA offerings would be better, as I only tried non-BA.
    3. BA/non-BA Saison/Farmhouse: GI Sofie. I love the champagne-like qualities, and the bright crisp citrus notes. The funk that exists is not off-putting, like many sours. Not tried many.
    4. BA Barleywine - My two favorites have been BCBBW (fresh and 2014), and JO Cellar Cuvee 11. Love the bourbon punch on the latter. They are both magical. I was pretty turned in - in comparison - by vintage Harvest Lee aged in Calvados barrels. Too much of that tobacco and leathery taste.
    5. Scotch (BA and reg) - My favorite straight scotch ale is from Schafley, although Dangerous Man's is quite good. In terms of BA, Wulver is absolutely amazing, although I prefer it fresh to aged. Loved the Bourbon Punch. I like Backwoods Bastard 'fine,' but it can have a wierd flavor. I have to drink it at the right time and temp for it to taste good.
    6. Hefe's - Love the banana and clove notes of weistenahenahahaha.
    7. Sours - Other than the sour sisters from GI, I don't know that I've really had much success with BA sours. Of the GI sisters, I enjoy Lolita, Halia and Gillian - Could not stand juliet or Madam rose. I've been able to drink some kettle sours (a couple from Jackie Os comes to mind - they aren't "too" sour). About the most sour that I have been able to tolerate is Key Lime Pie Gose from Westbrook, and the raspberry berliner from Mikeller.
    8. Maple beers - Not had many that I really liked. Morning Delight was fantastic, and I hope I get to try it again at some point. I have not had CW Maple. Others, even/especially Michigan Maple Jesus, have just been kind of "fine."
    9. NE Style Hops - Only had a couple. Fresh M-43 at around a month was quite good. I liked Boss Tweed a little more. My favorite has been Upland's new NE IPA - Juiced in Time. Not very bitter, quite juicy, and overall tasty. I had Julius at about 45 days, and I did not notice it being appreciably better than M-43 or Boss Tweed, although maybe it would have been if fresher? Did not like Heady by comparison. Not tried many others.
    10. Fruits - Not really gotten to try too many beers with fruit. The NG fruits I have had were delicious. In terms of beers made with fruit, I really enjoyed Rubaeus from Founders, and have liked Raspberry in many beers. Cherry is dreadful. Not liked the one chance I had with blackberry (although I dislike blackberries for the most part anyway). Had Blueberry in a stout once (from Taxman - was BA), and that was good. Not opened my bottle of Lizard of Koz yet, since I hear it is a "mess."

    Other info
    I'm a huge fan of Bourbon County in general, and their vintage stuff is just exquisite to me. I prefer it with at least a year, but I love the older stuff. If you go back far enough, it's one of the only BA stouts that my wife really likes.

    BC Coffee is the only Coffee Beer that I have had where I said "I need more of this in my life!!!"

    BA English Barleywines have been really cool to think about chasing lately.

    Would love to try some more BA Coffee stouts that aren't bitter, some more BA stouts with Vanilla. Would love to try any of the Speedways Variants, as I am a huge coffee fan, but most Coffee stouts (including regular speedway) is super bitter.Would love to try a BA version more.

    Breweries I am most interested in trying something from: Bottle Logic, Hill Farmstead, a couple more Treehouse, a NE IPA from Trillium, a BA stout from Cycle, Cigar City, and FB (less on the last), a BA stout from Voodo, any of the big fruit beers from any of the big fruit makers (like Casey).

    I think I've said too much! Seems to be all about me.

    Whale-y Wants (no particular order)
    Bourbon County - Coffee - 2014 or earlier
    Backyard Rye
    OG rare
    OG vanilla
    BA Hill Farmstead Stout (Any)
    BA Voodoo Stout
    Hill Farmstead - Aaron
    Kane - BA A Night To End All Dreams
    Bottle Logic - BA stouts
    Prop 14
    Abnormal Pappy Barrel (Any)
    Pappy or Weller
    Central Waters - Black Gold (Any)
    Prairie - Pirate Paradise
    Any BA Darklord

    Other Wants (no particular order)
    Goose Island - Clybourn - BA stouts
    BA Speedway (Any)
    BA Voodoo Quad
    Lost Abbey - Lost Track #10
    Firestone Walker - Sucuba
    Black Tuesday Reserve
    BA Huna
    Bourbon County - Regal Rye
    BA MZ Penultimate Push
    Kuhnehen - BB4D, BBBW, BB Stout
    Central Waters - 20, 19, 18, 17
    BA Mexican Cake (Bourbon or Apple Brandy/Calvados)
    Vintage Chocolate Rain (2015 or older)
    Vintage Black Tuesday (2015 or older)
    BA Peche Mortel
    BA Mikeller Shake
    Single-Origin Coffee Stouts (Especially if BA)
    Firestone Walker - Parabajava
    Freemont BA Stouts and BA barleywines
    Ozark Brewing - BDCS
    BA Hair of the Dog - Any???
    Mother of All Storms
    Clare's Thirsty Ale
    Revolution - Straight Jacket, VSOD, DB VSOD, Deth by Cherries, Cafe Deth
    Cool/interesting BA Stouts :slight_smile:

    Permanent Wants (but I have had - in no particular order)
    Bourbon County - Coffee (2017)
    Bourbon County - Anything Vintage
    Bourbon County - BW
    BA Expedition
    Several BA prairie (Do not like Bible Belt)
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