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    Been drinking beer since my dad let me try some of his Schmidt's (garbage) lager in the 70s. Began liking the stuff at age 13, but drank a lot of crap for a lot of years (Matt's and Blatz beer balls and such - basically any upstate NY beer that was cheap and not Bud). Found out that many old NY and WI beers were actually good at one point. Was privileged enough to taste the original Rhinegold Ale recipe shortly after it was re-discovered in '97 or so. Gained an appreciation for Euro beers (mostly german) in the 80s and had my first taste of microbrew in the late 80s in Burlington, Vermont (never had a porter until then - sold!). Aside from a few bright spots (CA OR, & CO beers sold in NY) I drank whatever the east coast had to offer, but was always sad I could not find many stouts and porters). I did not know what I was missing until I moved out west in '03 and have lived in heaven ever since! I tend to prefer IPAs, stouts porters, and a few reds and barleywines, but prefer the beers out of Eugene, Bend and northern CA. Always open to try something new, I keep tasting everything I can and hope to experiment with brewing when I can find the space to do so. Thank you for creating and maintaining this site! I'm not sure if I will ever know what "undertones of oak" taste like, but I do my best to let others know what I've tasted and experienced. Peace!
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