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    July 28
    I have not been on BA very much due to a lot of new jerks on here and sight drama along with changes in my life. Please feel free to contact me on Face Book under Kyle Leonard. Shoot me a message and I will be happy to reply with my contact info.

    I live a hour from Cigar City Brewing and keep up on all their beer (brewery release only and one offs) Feel free to ask about any thing!:wink:

    Completed Trades:
    1. JeepCop x 2 (Real nice extras, super nice guy. Thanks for 1st trade)
    2. Bunzilla (Extras, Real nice guy)
    3. Terribleone x3 (Great guy, Great Jester King hook up)
    4. dmbsnus (Extra beer, Nice guy)
    5. yummybeer x2 (Nice guy,Quick to send beer)
    6. Nicolay3535 (in person trade met at CCB. Great extra Bomber and one of the nicest guys Ive ever met)
    7. strangebrew321 x2 (Good trader, nice guy,Great extra beer. Thanks!)
    8. Etan x3 (TONS of extra beer, Great trade, Great trader quick to help)
    9. sarge27 (Lots of extra beer, Great trade!)
    10. SkiBum22 (Great trade, Nice guy)
    11. anotherjoe (Lots of extra beer, Sent in a great Styro shipper) Great trade)
    12. dbc5 x2 (Real nice guy, good 2nd trade)
    13. BC4MFRED1 (Real nice guy, Great box of beer)
    14. Centennial (Great trader,Thanks for the Cherry Rye)
    15. lonewolfcryx2 (Very nice guy, Glad to be your first trade)
    16. Nrcost2 (Super nice and patient guy.Great trade.Thanks Nick)
    17. Bejam813bucs (In person trade at CCB, Great Trader, stands by his word.)
    18.bdonley5 (Good trader, Nice guy)
    19.TheBronze x2(Great trader, LOTS of extra beer. Very nice guy)
    20. dtmets84 x2( Great Trader, Extra beers. Thanks!)
    21.JustXBeer (Very nice guy, packs very well, Good trader)
    22.DoubleSunshine610 ( Thanks for the help, good trader)
    23. BoleroSnort ( IP at my pub. Great time, glad to have you as my guest. good trader.)
    24.jp7161 (Great trader,Great box of beer. Thanks so much for the great trade)
    25. bayareahustla (Good trader, Thanks for the great Cali hook up and RR Beer. Looking forward to the next trade)
    26. Moppsx3 (Great beer hook up, Great trader. Super glad we met!)
    27. oldp0rt (This guy rocks!!! Helped me out for no reason more than to be nice to me because of being fucked over by a douche bag. GREAT TRADER!!!!)
    28. BobZ (Glad to have this name on my list of completed trades!! Great trader!!! Enjoy the Nooner Bob!)
    29.milliCAN(Great trade, Very Quick to ship,Nice extras,Great trader)
    30. chrisfromboston(Great trade,Thanks for the extra and I hope to trade again)
    31. drummermattie02(Great extra , Good trader,Thanks so much)
    32.PlinyElderTouchesYounger(Good trader, Thanks for the Heady Topper lets do this again)
    33. CheapBeerBuzz x4(Epic trader,lots of extras!!! Hands down one of the best BA Traders ever. Thanks for everything Jason.)
    34.Funhausen (Great trader, Great extras!!!! Thanks for helping me land my Darkness 09 and 10 along with tons of other great stuff)
    35.nhudson(GREAT TRADER!!!! Stands by his word, Replaced DL 2010 damaged by FedEx not to mention added a DL 2009 as a extra WOW!!!! Thank you so much Nick for completing my vert. Great BA morals.)
    36.jaylib x2(Good trader, Nice extra. Thanks for the Chocolate Rain. Super nice guy)
    37.Arsenal_MC (Nice new trader,Glad to be your 2nd trade. Thanks for the extras)
    38.JRorie (Finally got my BA Abraxas!! Thanks man. Thank you for the extras, Good trader)
    39. Sean9689.(Good trader. Quick easy simple. Thanks for the Port BA Dark Lord)
    40. ridglens(Good trader, Fast to ship and straight up guy,Thanks for the Brandy BA Dark Lord)
    41.gn0sis(Great trader! Thanks for all the great beer. I owe you Jai Alai and will get it to you.)
    42.NearTheGrove(Good trader!, Thanks for the Splinter Gold!!!)
    43.AndrewSmith(Good trader! Thanks for the Cantillon!)
    44.Andreias21(IP at CCB Thanks for the BA Huna! Good trader)
    45. GreenMonster12 x2(Glad to be your first trade! Thank you for the Sour in the Rye. Good trader)
    46.ckossmann88(Thanks for the BA Huna. Good trader, nice guy)
    47. AdamF625(Thanks for the Double Sunshine and GREAT EXTRAS. Great trader)
    48.1noa(Thanks so much for the Bourbon Vanilla dark Lord. 1 of my most epic trades to date!! Great Trader!)
    49.st9647v3 ( good trader, Thanks for the great beer and extras!)
    50.ijaap ( Good trader, Thanks for a easy trade and the Cascade brews)
    51.m4ttj0nes( Great trader!!! Thanks for the GREAT extras!)
    52.MicroBeerMan1980( Good trader! Thank you for the Slpinter Gold)
    53.Matthewpakula( Good new trader! Thanks you for the great beer.)

    71. total trades

    Going on bit of a trading break. Not done totally just for now.

    About me.
    Size Med Tshirt. I collect tap handles and glasses.Im always looking to set up tasting in my area of Bradenton, Sarasota, St Pete & Tampa Florida. Also always down for IP trades in any of those same areas.

    I like DIPAS for the fridge and for the cellar Big complex stouts Barrel aged especially, B Wines also just not as much. REALLY BIG INTO SOURS!!!
    Looking for: Darkness 08, DL 07 and before

    Trades still on going or waiting on beer

    jaylib (Please call me)
    Mopps (Please call me)


    Fred MacKenzie
    121 River st. Apt#2
    Montpelier, Vt.
    email is [email protected]
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