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Disciple, Male, from Connecticut

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    Beer Trader from CT
    into trading and getting new ticks always, very much enjoy the BIF scene

    Untappd handle same as here has running current inventory and more up to date wants list

    Big IPA lover not so much west coasters but sometimes. Stouts and BA stuff, Sours but Saison I can't get into, Barelywine very hit or miss with me mostly miss. Don't very much enjoy chili in my beer. Love to be let down by a PB stout from time to time.

    Sucker for fruited beers, milkshake IPA's, adjunct stouts, and clever or 80's-90's reference beer names

    Have never whaled but would like to

    Marvel guy into Spider-Man mostly but most Marvel is game for me, Batman is about as far as I'll go into DC

    Video Gamer on Xbox Live same as here Brutalfarce

    Like glassware especially different shapes/kinds

    Read when I have the time which isn't much but sci-fi video game stuff, beer stuff or history based

    Philadelphia Eagles fan, fantasy football problem

    XL/2XL shirts, married, daughter(2019), dog, cats, tattoos - about covers it all

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