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    Just recently returned to the world of craft beer after taking an extended hiatus during law school and the first couple years of post-grad life. Now that life has settled into a good rhythm, it seemed like a good time to rekindle that passion for good beer.

    Beer Thoughts (08/19/14)

    On stouts: I enjoy all types of stouts, but in particular, I am very fond of milk/sweet stouts. They are the quintessential stout (if not most ideal beer altogether) because of their pleasing flavor profiles ranging from sweet to savory to decadent, creamy texture, supreme drinkability, relative year-round availability and generally inexpensive cost (when compared to higher ABV imperial or BA stouts). That goes without even mentioning their versatility in being paired alongside food, but also their ability to stand alone as a post-meal dessert onto itself.

    On barrel-aged beers: I find BA beers to be hit or miss. I enjoy them - don't get me wrong - but in my limited experience, for every good BA variant that I've tried, I seem to find another that just does not work. This seems to go both directions, be it over-done, to the point that the flavors and aromatics from the barrel overpowers the base beer leaving it feeling bland or unmemorable, or the barrel aging was simply underwhelming, failing to add the expected level of complexity or nuance.

    On DIPAs: Disclaimer - I'm not a hop head. I just don't get the DIPA craze. I've had a few IPAs that I have enjoyed, predominantly ones where where the dominant flavor profile showcased citrus or tropical fruits (orange, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, rind). But more often than not, most DIPAs just seem to me to be an exercise in making the most pungent, bittering blast of hop flavor such that your palate cannot discern anything else for the rest of the evening. Again, I just don't get the hype.
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