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    I have tried 477 craft beers in the last year. (feb 11th 2012 to feb 11th 2013) MOST of which were "craft" (no miller, bud, coors or any of that watered down, "canoe beer" SWILL!) These are all documented in my beer notes and have not all beer put onto B.A. yet but i hope to eventually. I came up with a rating system while i did this. 1 being a dumper, thats right there were a few beers that i "drain poured" unfortunatly. 10 being perfect and would strongly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good beer. 7 is the lowest rating that i gave to beer that i would buy again. (so a 6.5 even though higher than an average "5" would still not be high enough to buy agian) These rating were based upon style, other beers i tried of the same style, price (which B.A. does not factor in) and overall personal enjoyment of the beer. This was very fun, educating and expensive! I had planned to write into a local bi-monthly craft beer magazine (the growler) with my notes and or expierence, but by the time i finished i figured who cares. some of my favorite breweries include: Odell, Bells, Great Lakes, Stone, 21st amendment, Great River, Deschutes, New Belgium, North Coast and good old local Summit! (love the e.p.a. and Saga!) I also love music, fav bands include: the Impossibles, the Clash, Rancid, Smashing Pumpkins, the Eels, Weezer, the Presidents of the united states of america, Mark Mallman, Bayside, the Cure, Cursive, the Decemberist, the faint (see them live if at all possible!), Beck, Fountains of Wayne, Flamming Lips, Ben Folds, the dismemberment plan, Pinback, Modest mouse, Mason Jennings (older), Marcy playgournd, Silversun pickups, the Thermals, the Stereo, Animal chin (was at their last show), Mxpx, Shades apart!, the Smoking popes, Cake, Soul asylumn (20 year Summit anniversary!) , the Pixies (almost forgot them, what!!) the White stripes, the Postal service, Muse, Jimmy eat Word (most under-rated band of the last 15 years!) Elvis Costello, the Doors, Pink FLoyd too and the Who....just to name a few in no particular order.... i have seen most of these band at least once or more live with the exception of the last four. I LOVE MUSIC! and beer! and my lovely beautiful wife ranks preeety high up there as well.
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