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    What can I say........I am a Firefighter/Paramedic and enjoy beer! Let me clearify that. I have always been around craft beer since I was born. My family began drinking Samuel Adams Boston Lager as soon as it was availble commercially(which was around the time I was born). Since then my father, grandfather, uncle, and now me and my brother have been drinking that as our staple. And were the Boston Beer Compnay really jump started the craft beer revolution all over again, my family has been sampling and making craft beers. So naturally I have found this is a fun hobby and great way to experiance cultures. I enjoy more aspects of beer everyday, from tasting to pairing with food and so on. I began long before I found this site, and I took small notes, turns out some of those beers are now retired and i am able to put my notes up as reviews which is great, I like sharing my reviews. I drive my wife nuts on vactions and trips now, I insist on stopping by Fire Houses and breweries! nothing like a Fire dept T-Shirt and a new beer. Any questions just send me a message.
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