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    "Anyone can drink beer
    but it takes intelligence
    to enjoy beer."
    -- Stephen Beaumont​

    Above is certainly a sentiment I can lift a nice mug of brew to. Enjoying beer is an activity I undergo an uncalculable number of times and while I have yet to submit myself to an I.Q. test, I imagine the number is just as uncalculably high as well.

    Sorry my manners have eluded me as I currently have one hand occupied with a large can of Steel Reserve while I type (don't worry, I use 211 as warm up to much higher-quality craft beer). I realize now I have yet to introduce myself. While I'm sure you're aware of who I am from my acting career, many might find themselves confused as to what this site is here. Well, apart from my many roles on TV, Films, and The Theatre, the actor Christian Alexander, as you know him, is also a highly advanced connoisseur of wonderfully fermented starches, known to the layperson simply as beer.

    My tongue is a highly calibrated piece of work while my liver is like an iron-clad freak of biology. Due to this, when I am not acting in my many roles I relax with an alcoholic beverage of many variation. This observation prompted the idea to start a beer blog where I can share my fine-tuned analysis of various beers and perhaps even educate readers on the nuances of this historical drink.

    Right now I've cracked open my third 24oz can of 211 and realize I must tell you of the most alurring aspect of this blog. While some may find my writings of beer valuable in itself, for I am also an undeniably gifted writer as well as gifted actor, I know that actors are meant to be seen, watched, and stared at. In an effort to not let down those of you out there wishing for another chance to do this I have looked towards my beautiful local setting for help. Enlisting a friend with access to video-capturing technology, known as a camera to the layperson, I've taken it upon myself to produce videos of me enjoying countless types of beer at each of the many beaches along the infamous Pacific Coast Highway, a road very near to my current residence.

    Popping open my fourth can of Steel I can say I am very excited to make my way along Highway 1 to pay a visit to every beach and gaze at the ocean, feel the refreshing SoCal breeze, dig into the fine grains of sand, and consume beer. Hopefully as I embark on this expedition much will be learned, many will be entertained, and a lot of great beer will be had by me.

    --Christian Alexander
    (from my Beaches n' Brew website)
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