Aspirant, Male, from New York

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    New York
    Always on the lookout for: FFF, HF, CCB, Toppling Goliath, Kane, New Glarus and Pipeworks. Drooling over descriptions of Michigan, Chicago, Wisconsin, Colorado and Cali brews that are plastered all over BA.

    I'm easy to please: I love a good beer and I love trying something new, so if you like it--I'll probably like it.

    DIPA, IPA, sours, big stouts and saisons are my favorites with tripels, quads, hefeweizens, stouts and porters coming next. Honestly I love most styles except for anything with smokey flavors or chili. And I drink barleywines but they tend to sit around my cellar because my wife is a lightweight and she never helps me drink them.

    Successful BIFers (recieved from): Hotmetal1, KevinMc79, UtisTheLaw, MMBrew, Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky

    BIF (shipped to): JustinF, KevinMc79, TexasDrugAddict, jas45678, end_27

    Completed Trades: bcm75, hellomisterp, Marti403, ThreeFishes, Drbenzo, PA-Michigander, xmnwild

    IP: Mborden

    When I'm not drinking fine craft beer, I like to pretend to be a fan of various major league baseball teams. The Astros, for example:

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