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    Ontario (Canada)
    Veteran Beer Advocate, celebrating 15 years on this wonderful site. Top contributor on Bar Towel ( Long-time Untappd member and Rate Beerian. You can find more of my beer ratings here (

    I've sampled over 7,500 beers, but have only reviewed a fraction of them. Most of the time I like to rate a beer when I'm alone, at home, and have time to properly analyze the beer, record my thoughts, and provide an accurate, in-depth review. I subscribe to the BA mantra of "quality over quantity."

    Great reads: Ontario Craft Beer Guide: Second Edition (LeBlanc & St. John), World Atlas of Beer (Webb & Beaumont), Oxford Companion to Beer (Oliver), Cheers: An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada (Pashley), Naked Pint (Perozzi & Beaune), Tasting Beer (Mosher), 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die (Tierney-Jones), Beer Book (Hampson)

    Trades: rageagainst123 (in person), ryanlovesyou (in person)

    Backlogged reviews: 1,200+ beer ratings from Untappd
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