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    I’m originally from Alabama, but have been in the Denver area for about 15 years.

    I’m a huge classical European beer fan and love visiting whenever I get the chance. There's something really nice about the old world brewing traditions and drinking at the source. I'm especially fond of Bavaria in particular.

    These days my favorite beers include everything from Bavarian lagers and UK bitters to massive stouts, lambics, and everything in-between. I have a soft spot for cider, mead, and beer mixers, too. I’m not a huge spirits guy, though.

    In the last few years I've grown into a big fan of the Colorado front range beer scene. I love hitting the local brewpubs and tasting rooms. I also believe in giving credit (and constructive criticism) when needed as part of that.

    I've more or less stopped reviewing, but will occasionally toss one up. So much has changed with the site rating system (and my own tastes) that I'm sure I'll laugh most of them off in a few years anyway. Untappd is much easier for simple beer tracking. Feel free to hit me up there.

    Have a question about brewery and bar trips in Colorado, especially on the front range? Let me know. I know pretty much every beer-centric spot within an hour of Denver and I know some lesser known spots over on the other side of the state as well.

    Looking to take a beer-centric trip to Munich or Bamberg? I can help you there, too - just drop me a line.
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