Male, 41, from Illinois

Beer Trader
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    Oct 21, 1974 (Age: 41)
    WANTS- http://beeradvocate.com/user/beers?ba=enelson&view=W
    GOTS- http://beeradvocate.com/user/beers?ba=enelson&view=G

    US Beer Distribution Map

    Completed Trades:iceicebaby X3 (1 in person, 2 via mail) digita7693 (overseas) x2, visionaries,orangesol, noslenwerd, klevelandrocks, jtortorice, CosmoHopHead X2 (1 in person, 1 via mail), cyrusthepup, CHILLINDYLAN, pranaferox, Augustiner719, jtrockchalk, trev1179, bonkers, mikey711,thagr81us X2, buckeyeboy, STEG, hu5om, BigTomZ, Benanomyces, Kshock, billshmeinke, megriggs(overseas), baggio (overseas), CaptainRedbeard, Gueuzedude, vinyljunkie, mrkanable, EliottJW mothman, mikesgroove*, Beerness X2, TurdFurgison, Onenote81 X2, JohnGalt1, klownsbery, Ezrem, barleywinefiend,jamie2dope, beernerd81,JAXSON X2,SMason,ArchEnemyBrew x2,Sicknot, PaulStoneAnchor, NJBeerNerd (Bet), Mid, ElectricBoogaloo,gnemesis,oreo, Bobbydigi, dcloeren, MrTopher, besuedekum, shawnp, jhimstedt x3, Alewatcher x4, Skuter, caiken X2 (in person), seeswo, ZX6Chris, Knifestyles, nogidrew86, clintonpuckett (in person), Daveole Bomb, Azurescens X3, DarkMonk, misterhops, GrindFatherBob, IdrinkGas, StormKing47, marcgo2, zackcamp, Archemedies, caponeduke, Reagan1984, Mojiboo02, Mkg44, Moc513, TinCup69, HeavvyMetalHippie, BlogueDeBieres, sfbeer1, Davihaw (in person), MichiganderHB, ckossmann88, GhettoFabulous, thedirtyname, eandersen, 4thelvofbeer, trapper2408, lookrider, thampel09, toppoop, linnymtu, bruedabaker, Flight317, HuskyinPDX, Hasenbeensoba, jamato3000

    Other: Rizdac (helped obtain CW16)
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    US States: 43 | Countries: 35
    Wants: 1,038 | Gots: 495
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