Crusader, Male, from Arizona

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    Love obscure beers! If it's local only, I'd like to give it a try.

    Fav for extras would include: FRESH IPAs, stouts or local-only brews.

    G311 - Completed. Great communication and excellent trader w/ tons of extras.
    egrace84 - Completed
    M1A2 - Completed
    ThaMaroon - Completed
    PeteB28 - Completed. Awesome trader.
    Drtfinelli - Completed
    brewsader - Completed
    SteelersX - Completed
    johnnnniee - Completed. Great trader!
    trixdout - Completed. Great communication and trader.
    drummermattie02 - Completed
    Dolfan907 - Completed. Great communication.
    lymph - Completed
    melliot2811 (IP) - Completed
    Descendents (IP) - Completed
    ber12 - Completed
    Buster - Completed. Great trader!
    Skunkyluvmuffin - Completed
    Madcap74 - Completed. Great communication.
    dimce - Completed
    EB1 - Great BA'er - Hook this guy up! SENT A FREE FW SOUR
    Charles Awad - Facebook ISO:FT forum - Completed. Great communication.
    sonsofauerbach (IP) - Completed
    gator79 - Completed. Good communication.
    Trevor Johnson (IP) - Completed
    BigBallaJett - Completed
    dust_bunny (IP) - Completed. Great guy!
    Brew33 - Sent a box of free beer! Hook this guy up whenever you can!
    Nutter97 - Completed. Great communication.
    mgr78704 - Completed. Great communication.
    Nichols33 - (IP) - Completed. Good communication.
    tgmckinn (Taylor Mckinney on Reddit) - Completed. Great communication and good extras
    Huskerdid (Reddit) - Completed. Good communication.
    halo3one - Completed. Good communication.
    ericarrots (IP) - Completed. Excellent Communication.
    tgmckinn (Reddit) - Completed. GREAT trader.
    Rediggit (Reddit) - Completed. Good communication.
    fade510 (Reddit) - Completed.
    chalmer9 (Reddit) - Completed. GREAT trader and good communication.
    Alecmclaughlin - Completed. Great communication
    WCW - Completed. Great communication and trader.
    fthegiants - Completed. Quick and easy! Great trader.
    Adam Nimmo (FB) - Completed. Good communication.
    bgreen425 - Completed. Good communication.
    bringmoredonuts - Quit communicating after agreeing on trade, ship dates and exchanging info.
    leonardoh03 - Completed. Great trader.
    nealdowne19 - Completed. Great trader and excellent packing.
    mschantz - (IP) Completed. Great trader - Sold me GABF tix and included a beer as a surprise
    LandyG (Reddit) - Completed. Good communication.
    punkideas (Reddit) - Completed. Helped me get a particular beer in CO, good guy.
    DCbeernerd (Reddit) - Completed. Great transaction overall.
    Jaylenosbrother (Reddit) - Completed. Bourbon for beer trade.
    jmplication (Reddit) - Completed. Great guy and good communication.
    rpgologist (Reddit) - Completed. Did my a huge favor and pre-paid and proxied beer. Awesome guy!

    ...and MANY many more!
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