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Initiate, Male, 48, from Oklahoma

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    Aug 3, 1971 (Age: 48)
    I got into craft beer in the early 2000s – my first venture being what was probably some old stock of Young’s Oatmeal Stout. I seem to recall the barkeep saying they were thinking about throwing them out before I started ordering them from the little neighborhood bar in Austin, TX that I had become a regular at. I didn’t much know the difference, but was determined to become acquainted with craft beers. I do still count oatmeal stout amongst my favorites of beers btw; even if I am ‘on the wagon’ now.

    Anyway, so, I was the very first BA from Oklahoma if I am not mistaken. I believe I verified this on the board. There is a transplant to Oklahoma that was a member before I joined, but I am the first registered from Oklahoma I believe.

    Beeradvocate was a vital resource for me in educating myself on all things craft beer. I never did take up with feeling comfortable to delineate characteristics of the many beers that I have sampled over the years to a degree that I created many reviews, but I have read over others’ contributions to beer reviews and compared notes on what I was experiencing. I have to confess that I enjoy some of the descriptions that I read people provide and wonder where they come up on some of those characteristics.

    I’m ‘on the wagon’ now. I had to give up the beer after being on medication that ballooned my weight up to about 270lbs at 5’6” – the beer wasn’t helping to say the least. I quit about a year and a half ago now (both the medication and the beer) and have dropped about 85lbs from my max. Still have about 20lbs or so to go at least, but probably wouldn’t be alive at the rate I was going. Stressful job and other extreme stresses were a toxic combination.

    I have so much invested in learning about and appreciating craft beer though that I still enjoy frequenting establishments where it is served, etc. Seeing others become familiar and maybe having a bit of a beer snob laugh quietly at their learning experiences. It’s become a part of me I suppose.
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