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    Good day, my name is F.D. Haynes and I'm a craft beer enthusiast. I got interested in early 2002 by attending the local chain beer establishment with 27 locations in the Atlanta area, Taco Mac. Just like BA, they start you with a profile and electronically count your different beers that you drink and award prizes as you progress to the next level of consumption. Ranking is similar to BA except big time money, nice gifts and travel prizes to historic beer breweries in the EU are awarded based upon your level and participation.

    I use BA monthly for my research on tasting notes for beer dinner productions. Which I have been producing monthly since 2011. This shared information allows me to be very selective in the brewery I choose to feature at a dinner. Usually, they evolve around a holiday feature, like Mardi Gras or Oktoberfest, etc. For example, I recently produced an Abita Mardi Gras beer dinner that sold out within three days. That's a no brainer with great beer and proper ethnic food pairings.

    The pairing of any beer with food usually enhances both items, your palate and the experience. Brewing just keeps on evolving and bringing new ideas to further the industry and continually offer some exciting new blends.
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