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    A long time beer lover from a family with a beer-loving tradition (German ancestry), I cannot remember a time when my brothers, father, grandfather and great-grandfather did not participate in a nightly beer or two (or three). My favorite beers introduced to me by my grandfather were from the Continent: Beck's, St. Pauli Girl, and Heineken.
    In college I travelled the country trying all the most popular regional beers (this was in the days before national distribution--and before microbreweries and IPs). My favorite beers became Scheonling's Little Kings Cream Ale from Cincinnati, Olympia from Tumwater, Washington, and St. Louis's "second" beer, Busch.
    As a junior, I did a foreign study in Strasbourg, France, (Alsace), right on the Rhine River. Here, beer and beer tasting now became a religion. Though I never met a German beer I didn't like, by the end of my travels my new favorite beers were Guinness Stout and "black and tans" as served in British pubs.
    I stopped drinking alcoholic beverages in the early 1980s but I remain ever-connected to the skunky smell of a good European beer. My discovery of "non-alcoholic" beers led to the initial joy of such fine tasting NAs as Clausthauler (Beck's), Buckler (Heineken), Kaliber (Guinness), and St. Pauli NA. This latter, St. Pauli's NA, is the gold standard by which I measure all other NA beers. A personal preference. At the same time, being new to this web site, I am looking forward to trying new things . . . I think.
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