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    Had over 41,000 different beers and been to 500+ breweries and am always looking for new brews. My Wants & FTs are not complete (see my RB list for meads & more beers), so try me - especially if you have limited / brewery-only beers.

    Prefer to trade currents / shelfies for same, and rarities / retired for other limited / vintage beers, braggots and meads 1:1 so values don’t get distorted.

    Not interested in getting quantity for rarity - I'm too far behind and my cellars are too full... Glad to give multiples for a single though to thin out my cellar!

    Will try anything decent once but prefer big beers that keep (not just ’cause they taste good, but so I don’t have to worry about when I drink them as I'm perpetually 250+ new brews behind...). Love imperial and barrel-aged beers & fruited sours.

    I also collect signs and cans - if sending those, please ensure they are in great condition (& well-packed). Thanks & Cheers!
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