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    March 19
    I was born above the Morg, as the saying goes. It was the Boston City Hospital Mortuary actually, which was on the ground floor of the hospital while the maternity ward was just above it. My parents were Bostonians and residents of Southie at the time. We moved several years later and I came of age in a little and insignificant part of the South Shore of Boston called Brookville. It was a rather Norman Rockwell existence really. As a boy, one of my chores was to stop at the Post Office on the way home from school to get the mail. Delivery to our small hamlet did not start until I was about 13 years old.

    Enough about me, my parents were working class Kennedy Democrats that believed in God and Country. Ironic really, the primary institutions that declare their allegiance to the working class and do the most harm to them.

    My grandparents were born here, but in retrospect I can recognize much of the old country in them. My maternal grandfather was a good and kind man. I’m proud to say he was a Captain in the Boston Fire Department. Both of his grandfathers, my great-great grandfathers, were brewers from Germany and immigrated to the US in the early 1800s. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with my obsession with brewing, but it may - only my geneticist knows for sure! L.B., I miss you…

    My paternal grandfather on the other hand was a teetotaler. The Irish it seems either don’t drink or drink to excess. Fortunately for me, like my paternal grandfather, the Irish in me does not drink. However, the German in me does. Unless I drink to excess and then it is the Irish getting the better of my German!

    I'm obsessed with beer, especially with brewing it and that never ending quest for the perfect batch! Cheers!!
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