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    Homebrewed since '07 and as the Florida beer community has grown so has my thirst for ever more interesting beers. I truly believe that a perfectly brewed Kolsch is just as good as a perfectly brewed double IPA or BA Imp. Stout! Let the beer speak for itself and enjoy every sip.
    Favorite Beers: Sours, Stouts, Porters, Milds, Browns, (basically anything English and/or malty), Kolsch and well balanced hoppys (IPA, Pale).
    Least Favorite Beers: Un-balanced Hop bombs, overly sweet scotch or scottish ales, hefeweizens, wheat beers.
    Wants: Anything I haven't tried!
    Gots: CCB stuff or anything from the southeast (especially the Tampa Bay area)

    Completed Trades prior to the new system:
    -IPAyForHops (great packing and quick!)
    -Singingninkasi X 2 (great trader, extras)
    -RedBeeron (quick turn around and really hit my wants list hard)
    -Shuajw (great trader, extras included perennial wants!)
    -Mizzouguy (Another great trader with awesome extras)
    -Duobob (very quick turn around)
    -InjuredReserve X 2 (IP, great people and would gladly trade with again)
    -Homer321 (IP, great trader, really filled out my wants, good guy/homebrewer too!)
    -NJR19056 (wow, if you get a chance, trade with this guy do it, I really can't say more, just wow)
    -Stogies (quick trader, fresh IPAs from far away!)
    -Muzzy (IP, extras, nice quick trade)

    BIF Trades (Targets):
    Stout BIF Round IV - Sandman3479
    12 Days of July '15 - Dave_Treat

    LIF Winners:

    Untapped Name: Geolly Estates

    Bad Trader:
    -Popinbottles - http://beeradvocate.com/community/threads/missing-bad-trader-popinbottles.110151/#post-1629963
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