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    We are just like you. We not only love beer, we pride ourselves of our choices. The beauty of beer is that because there are so many brands and flavors out there, each and every one of us has gathered their own short list of favorites, parallel to no one else's. We are a small, yet growing breed. For too long, we Americans (or otherwise for you all who find time to read this in Europe, Australia, or any other English speaking part of the world) have had to deal with a selection of three, maybe four supercold, tasteless, colorless, weak bodied, low abv, mass produced unfortunate excuses for beer at the bars and the pubs. Only until the 1980s has there been a growing interest in the craft brewery (or microbrewery).
    There are more than 1700 breweries in the United States alone; each one with its own unique array of carefully crafted brews meant to convey a beer experience unmatched by anyone in the world. Brewers take pride in their products more than most "manufacturers." Please tell me an electronics company that will buy back all of its product from distributors and retailers once it has become out-dated and obsolete? Certainly not Apple or Microsoft, but Harpoon of Boston , MA and Windsor, VT does it. And how about a restaurant chain that allows each of its customers to refuse to pay if the food hasn't been prepared and served precisely to the original recipe and methods? I know that kind of thing doesn't happen at Chili's, but if you don't like the way your dry stout is poured, Guinness of Dublin, Ireland tells all of its retailers that they need to pour it out and do it again, this time to the methods laid out by St. James Gate.
    Unquestionable taste is not exactly a blog, nor is it a social platform. It is an information based review board written in the completely biased (though I don't own a bar or a brewery (even though I do plan on home-brewing at some point soon)) and single-minded language of one man who just loves his beer. But even more than that, he loves experiencing new beers. This website is meant to inform about basic beer history, styles and the ins and outs of every beer that we've managed to get our hands on, complete with basic information and quirky reviews that hopefully, even you can enjoy.
    So no. This isn't a website where you can "like" our opinion, or post comments about Lady Gaga or the Kardashians. We won't give you the option to give a thumbs up or post video responses. And we certainly won't have any flying kittens, Chocolate precipitation, babies named Charlie eating fingers, sneezing animals, or annoying self-absorbed light blue birds that can't shut up about themselves. This is a website that we hope will lead you in the direction where you will ultimately find your favorite beer. And that, we believe, is all it needs to be.
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