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Initiate, Male, from Netherlands

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    Favourite region: The World & The Galaxy.

    Dream beer: Too many and too often only in my dreams.

    Two of my favourite Homer Simpson's quotes about alcohol:

    “Here’s to alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”


    “Alcohol is a way of life, alcohol is my way of life, and I aim to keep it.”

    Referring to the latter: I'm interested in all types of beers especially the more dry style beers (although I love sweet wines and liqueurs, I do like my beers in general on the dry site and especially I like traditional Kriek, Gueuze and Lambiek and IRS & barrel aged beers), and I Iike cider / cyder / cidre / sidra, poiré / perry (all of them maybe sweet).

    I'm also interested in whisky / whiskey from all over the world, but in general with a preference for at least 43 to 46%Abv or cask strength and with no colouring (nc) and no filtration (non-chill-filtered, ncf). And I'm interested in all other high-quality, mostly traditional distillates, like calvados, rum / rhum (agricole) / ron (cask strength are unfortunately rare), good, which are also rare, genever / jenever, armagnac (cask strength are rare too) mostly, also price-wise, more than cognac.

    See my profile on Whiskybase:
    also under the alias Homer Holland

    And I'm like all types of wines, including (semi)sweet (f.i. Sauternes, Auslese, BA, TBA, Eiswein / Icewine. Tokaji Aszú / Esszencia / Puttony), fortified (like Portwine, Madeirawine, Jerez / Xérès / Sherry / Montilla-Moriles / Málaga, Marsala), Champagne and other sparkling.

    See my profile on CellarTracker!:
    also under the alias Homer Holland
    User #484.629

    And I like sake, and all kind of liqueurs and many other drinks, also including some non-alcoholic ones, like coffee and cow, goat, sheep etc. milk (and their cheeses), with its nice fatty and smooth taste and its very long lasting after taste.

    But this account and that on Whiskybase and CellarTracker! is still very much under construction.
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