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    I'm mostly into sours. I'd take a new berliner, gose, flanders, lambic, sour stout, or random wild over just about anything. I still enjoy a nice english-style barleywine especially with a few years on it or a fresher barrel-aged one so it still has some bourbon character.

    I'm not a hop head but I recently started getting back into IPAs after a 4yr hiatus so if you have a favorite that you think I'll like, let me know! Recent favs are TGB PseudoSue, HF S&S5, Zombie Dust, Coop F5 IPA, & Focal Banger.

    I'm not into Belgians that aren't sour.


    Top Wants: CD11, Plum Flora, Stenciled Pages, Oude Fermier, Fencerow, Fuzzy, West Ashley, Chez Monus, Kiwi Herman, Kuhnhenn BBFT, Side Projects, HF saisons/sours (Ann!, CD7, Juicy, Mimosa, Prolegomena, etc...), anything SARA (esp. Fruit Punch 2, De Garde Berliners, or other awesome wilds.

    Permawants: anything I haven't had from Kuhnhenn or TGB, fresh BB4D, aged 4D, any Cantillon (esp. Fou), HF Art/Arthur in honor of my dad, HF S&S5, CS Bourbon Cherry Origins, Alpine Great, Side Projects, or Jackie O's Sours especially OGP and Dynamo Hum.

    Ticking every state, still need any beer from: Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming.

    I LOVE Glassware. Please check lower down for wants/style preferences. TL/DR: mini snifters or tasters that I don't have are always appreciated.

    Glassware wants/gots:

    Wants (see links for image):
    HUGE Wants:
    -Kuhnhenn tulip (really old)
    -3F fountain taster
    -Dieu du Ciel Zwanze glass
    -older Cantillon glasses (esp. Cursives, orange balloon, OG Iris)
    -BT001, TB004
    -De Garde whale glass
    -FFF/Intelligentsia DLD white mini snifter

    Big Wants:
    -Assassin Teku
    -Porter X Cantillon Teku
    -YeahNateNelson Cantiloon Teku
    -Crooked 2012 or 2014 RS stem
    -Original KBS glass
    -GI Wine glass or flared chalice (w/gold Chicago flag)
    -GI snifter (w/silver Chicago flag)
    -HF non-balloon wine glass
    -Black Tuesday Glencairn
    -Bells mini snifter
    -b nektar mini snifter
    -Prairie mini snifter

    -Six Point mini snifter
    -Funky Buddha mini snifter (new yellow)
    -Revolution snifter
    -any other mini snifter (Fiddlehead or Pegs to name a couple). I don't typically go out of my way for most event specific mini snifters unless they also have a brewery name/logo on them.

    Wants Available Online
    -JK 24kt gold long stem
    -Game of Thrones growler
    -Rock Mill Glencairn
    -3F "3" tumbler and taster

    I tend to prefer tasters since I'm running out of room, no pints, please:

    Glass Gots:

    Have met and traded with these guys multiple times. Great traders and BAs. I would be shocked if you ever had a problem with any of them.
    tat2dhllblly IP (many times...would vouch for this guy anytime)
    MordorMongo IP x3 (Indy - can't beat this guy's generosity)
    SHOO65 IP x4 (Indy)
    @Jisom123 IP x2 (@Both Jackie O's 2012 Releases)
    @Duels IP x2 (Indy)
    muskabeatz IP (DLD '13)
    @Cardern IP x3 (@GToM '12, Chicago, & DLD '13)
    urbancaver IP x2 (@Jackie O's 7th Anny)
    Beesy IP (@Jackie O's 7th Anny)
    MarkIntihar IP (@Jackie O's 3/1/13)
    @CoopBen IP x2(@Jackie O's 3/1/13 & DLD '13)
    Jaminjohnson (IP GToM '13)

    Good trading experiences and would trade with again:
    weonfire - IP
    @TheoV - IP
    Keyes88 - Newer trader, shipped first, great communication, nice job packing, generous extras. Will trade with again! 01/2013
    cfh64 (de facto trade)
    JohnfromPurdue x2
    @Owen49 IP (Columbus)
    buzze40 IP (Chicago)
    @JimmyW IP x2 (Chicago)
    @timald IP (Chicago)
    nachos4two IP (Chicago)
    AJDePaul IP (Chicago)
    @Stevegoz IP (Chicago)
    @Incubuscience IP (Chicago)
    @makdeco IP (Chicago)
    mtrutlin IP (@GToM '12)
    @Cyburai IP (@GToM '12)
    @Imbibingmytime IP (@GToM '12)
    @BeerBob26 IP (@FFF)
    donniedarko IP (Columbus)
    @nrbw23 IP (Columbus)
    RyanMcFly1985 IP (@Jackie O's 7th Anny)
    pyite IP (@Jackie O's 3/1/13)
    @plumcrazyfx IP (@Darkness Day '12)
    @Milleacsmark IP (@Darkness Day '12)
    @dahowel = @umichdave IP (DLD '13)
    joromiller IP (DLD '13)
    @emelius IP (Indy 5/13)
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