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    Always looking for anything that has been in a barrel. Big fan of English Barleywines and vanilla stouts. Not a fan of porters, heavy coffee beers, smoked beers or lagers. There are a very few exceptions to those listed but they are rare. If we are working on a trade, please check my gots list and my distribution area. I dont mind having more than one of some things, but some of the excitement of extras is lost when its something that is just down the street at every bottle shop here.

    My "Gots": http://beeradvocate.com/user/beers?ba=HopsMatt&view=G

    My "Wants": http://beeradvocate.com/user/beers?ba=HopsMatt&view=W

    Subpar Traders:


    Excellent Traders:

    -funhog x2
    -mrbubbler x2
    -gueuzehead x2
    -HoppySuds x3 (1 in progress)
    -evilc x2
    -Skrypt x2
    -wyatt13 x2
    -atomic (IP) x7
    -ADTaber (IP) x4
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