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    December 10
    Canadian born US citizen, living DC area for 15+ years. I am a well rounded Washingtonian, I look out for good beer/drink! You can see more drink reviews on my YouTube channel here:

    Elite Yelper 7 years running

    What am I drinking now? check out the WBAYDN and NBS threads on BeerAdvocate here. Also what new beers I have had lately are always in my reviews and also my Flickr feed here.

    Other links below as well for beer drinking notes and tastings, 98% of all checkins are real time.

    Untappd user: ImbibeHour
    TwitterFeed: @imbibehour
    • Life is too short to drink crap.
    • Life is good, when we all drink well! if you'll excuse me I need to spend more time imbibing.
    Have done numerous trades in the past, but pretty much retired from trading.

    Quotes of wisdom and fancy from our hero...

    "Beer.... is made.... to be drunk....

    it is not currency..

    it is not leverage...

    it is joy in a bottle..

    every bottle that sits in someones house... never to be opened... waiting for an angle... is a beer that someone doesn't get to enjoy.. cherish... love.



    the end." - smakawhat

    "I have no rationality...

    rationality goes out the window..... when I walk into a store half the time...

    I regret nothing... I buy what I want.." - smakawhat

    "There is no vacation, like beercation." - smakawhat

    "You can't gouge the willing." - smakawhat

    • As an avid consumer and drinker when I walk into a store I can be either your best customer or your worst nightmare (actually I am a really nice guy).

    Favorite beer styles (in no particular order of preference):
    1. Tripel
    2. Kölsch (mostly American made ones since I can't get many true German producers)
    3. Rauchbier
    4. Bière de Champagne (Brut)
    5. American IPA
    6. Kellerbier
    7. Flanders Red and Oud Bruin
    BA fun quote: "BTW I do not like hard liquor, but now that you ask - I vote for vodka." - northyorksammy


    Drink now, because you can't drink when you're dead.


    Styles I don't seem to care for: American Blonde Ales, certain Dubbels and Belgian Dark Ales, NO Pumpkin beers! Milk Stouts, Malt Liquor, Oyster Stouts, Industrial "Adjunct" Lagers.

    Beers of Fame - 215/250
    Most Popular Beers - 239/250
    Germany - 83/100
    Top Rated Beers - 80/250
    Top Tripels - 58/100
    District of Columbia (US) - 50/100
    Maryland - 36/100

    The old saying has never run true more than ever...

    "You can lead a horse to water..."

    If you don't know the rest...
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