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    British Columbia (Canada)
    Untappd: "SilverHermit" or "Jon Corbett"

    I am a former chef and consider myself a collector of flavours. I love pairing and matching my beer with my meals, which is why I throw a "Pairing" section at the end of almost all my beer reviews :wink: - Got the "Beer and Grilled Cheese" cook book for XMAS - Amazing!

    FOR CANBIFs 2018 - I'd really love ANY Dogfish Head (60/90/120 minute IPAs) - I can't get much of it this far West, and I'm out!
    Also looking for anything from Hudson Valley or NY state.

    Genre-wise anything Imperial especially Stouts/Porters top my list. Being surrounded by West Coast IPA - I really enjoy East Coast IPAs more and any kind of DIPAs. But I am really open to try any style - you never know what you are going to find! Lambics, Sours, and Farmhouse are great... but I tend to put lagers and pils at the bottom of my interest list.

    I love trying the weird and wonderful - Rogue's Voodoo Donught series, and Funky Buddha's Maple Bacon Coffee Porter for example. Anything with added flavour components - fruit, nut, coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, chilis, etc...

    I have a Master of Fine Art degree in painting and design. Beer label design is actually what got me hooked into craft beer. (Dang that new Driftwood Old Cellar Dweller label!) So the draw of bottle and label design usually plays a role in my decision to try a new beer as well.

    (btw.. you can look up my peer another Jon Corbett on Untapp'd "PiR8-Pugwash" - we actually work at the same campus and have the exact same name (middle name too!) crazy.)

    CANBIF Spring 2018 - Pending!
    Byronic (March 2018)
    CANBIF Fall 2017 - Techore to Me to Maltesehamster and Cornaeous
    dabeerbuddha (May 2017)
    CANBIF Spring 2017 Electros to Me to Cfrancis
    dabeerbuddha (Sept 2016)
    CANBIF Fall 2016 : GJKerr to Me to Electros
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