Initiate, Male, from Illinois

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    Always looking for great beer! Enjoy splitting a bottle of great beer with friends both old and new.

    Successful trades*

    Beerlistman: Totally surprised me with amazing extras! Very great BA!
    T4haughton: Really nice guy and prompt trader! will trade with again!
    IMACOPYOUIDIOT: Nice simple transaction! Couldn't be easier!
    TSotM: great prompt shipment! Will trade with Again!
    Taxman: great trader! Hope to trade with again!
    Maxcoinage:great trader!
    McMastersanchez: great trader! Very simple!
    Tubbnik: fast and well packaged!
    JCam9981: Great Trader! Hope to trade again!
    revbdub5446: great trader!
    jermy: Great Trader! (3 successful trades)

    Gratefulstu: super generous! great trader!
    Netdigger2: awesome trader. super generous!
    Pointyskul: great trader.
    Lincolnbeard: Cool Cat. would share a beer with this dude.
    Doogie71628: awesome trader. made things really easy. awesome extra!
    BeRanger: great trader! will trade again
    BMcalister1897: super generous! another great Wisconsin trader!
    TommyGuz: Great Trader. Such a nice guy
    Drucifer. IP trade. Super Simple. Good Trader!
    GatorLCA: Awesome Trader.
    Jordy777: great simple trade!
    Grant35: Great Trader. Awesome Extras!
    *****I think all trades after this switched to the new format so stopped keeping track via this*****

    Biggest Wants is Upland Sours, Prop Rye, BCS Coffee and Uncle Jacobs.

    Also, Don't live far from 3 Floyd's Brewery, have access to Pipeworks, Revolution, Goose Island, HalfAcre and any other Chicagoland breweries. I am a Reserve Society Member at The Bruery.
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