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    I'm in Atlanta and typically trade for more limited things. Due to the cost of shipping these days and the fact that I just don't get to as many beers as are out there, I'm not usually trading shelf beer. More interested in brewery only beers, stouts, sours, saisons and top 250 IPAs. Have a real itch for more Side Project and Hill Farmstead beers right now as well.

    I do make exceptions for IP trades. I'll trade shelf beers IP so if you are heading this way, let me know and let's work something out. Can also point you to good beer spots and restaurants if you are looking for input there.

    I have pretty good access to Alesmith and Lost Abbey limited releases. I also head up to Wicked Weed pretty regularly and Westbrook (including their brewery only releases). If you are interested in any of those, let me know and hopefully we can work something out.

    I have a couple of long term fair minded trading partners where we literally fill up boxes and send them to each other, no other questions asked. That has taken time and trust though but I'm happy to work with people like that since in the long run it makes trading so much easier. Each of us gets harder beers we otherwise probalby wouldn't get to try as well. I'm always up for establishing more partners so get in touch if that interests you.

    Not really into glassware or swag and would much prefer another beer in the box.

    Extras are not expected, but appreciated. I usually throw in an extra or two but can also agree to "no extras". I spend time figuring those out too. I try to find things you haven't had and you do not have access too in your local shop. Why pay to ship a beer a partner can buy off the shelf in his or her town? I use http://seekabrew.com/distro/index.html to see what isn't distributed to your state. I try to send under the radar locals, or higher rated things (close to 90 on BA or higher) and/or something very unique.

    I've also rated a ton of beers over the years and 99% of the time love something new over something old that I have rated highly.
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