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    I'm actually a person who used to more interested in wine, and never really liked beer. But with the advent of craft brewing, drinking beer has become much more than cracking open a sixpack of Bud. I don't drink a lot of beer, but do enjoy the different varieties and flavors, trying something different each time. It's often hard to do that though. Even in a town like Portland I find not enough places feature microbrews, or even dark beers like porter and stout. IPA's are not really my thing. I like dark beers, sweet, smooth and sticky. Baltic porters, barleywine, doppelbocks, and some Belgian tripels and quads. Oddly, I dislike Guinness. But Spaten Optimator is a good standby, and Lagunitas doesn't suck! Although in their stead, anything Imperial will usually do. Ironically though, recently good doppelbochs and imperial ipa's have become almost as prohibitively expensive as wine used to be. I guess what goes around, comes around. lol. If you are curious, the photo in my profile, is from a trip to Tenby, Wales several years back. The sticky bubbles on the sides of our glasses set my standard for the term "lacing" , which you. don't often see like this in America. :-)
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