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    November 5
    My first beer was Guinness draught in a bottle. Not a bad place to start. Since then, I've tried countless beers and, for a while, attempted to keep track of them. Eventually I gave up.

    I like to cook dinner with my gal, and a good beer always puts a finishing touch on a special evening. Plus, soda is too sweet. I'm not too picky about beer, and enjoy trying everything. Occasionally, I stick to favorites. Some of my frequents have been Guinness Extra Stout, New Belgium Fat Tire, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Killian's Irish Red, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Yuengling Black & Tan, and more recently, the offerings of Great Lakes. Initially, I tried hard to describe in words what I tasted. Now I see that this isn't necessary. Beer's great whether or not you have a word for it!

    It's always fun to check BA and see that a brew I've just drank turns out to be world-class in the eyes of many. Sometimes, I develop a fondness for some lesser beers, too. I like the idea of respecting beer, since many people have a broken relationship with the food. They either forbid it or abuse it, but precious few respect it. Wine is respected, in this country. But beer is spat on. It's amazing what waves history makes. A century ago, we were disgraceful alcoholics. In truth, it was that we could not respect *whiskey*, and we yet lost beer for the sake of recovery. Slowly, the country reawakens to beer. Hopefully, we will not forget what necessitated prohibition.

    A friend and I recently did our first homebrew, which has been very rewarding. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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