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    My favorite beers are by far those that represent all of the ingredients in the most articulated, yet satisfying way possible. I am always open to the novel and the new, and am a hardcore fan of creativity and passion that goes into beer-making. I currently aim to rate to a "3" average, but I am also very generous with scores due to my love for all things beer-related. I tend to seek out beers that are worth my time and money as well, so it may be a reason so many of my scores may seem quite high at times!

    Top beer styles: Saisons, sours (especially oude gueuzes), Imperial/Double IPAs, Imperial/Double Stouts, barrel-aged beers, dry-hopped ales of all kinds, and a longterm loving relationship with all beer styles from Belgium, as well as lagers and hefeweizens from Bavaria and Western Germany.

    Notable (domestic) breweries that I have accessibility to:
    Almanac Brewing Co.
    Crooked Stave
    Deschutes (including all limited releases)
    Firestone Walker
    Hair of the Dog
    Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
    Midnight Sun
    Russian River
    The Bruery
    The Lost Abbey

    Breweries that I *wish* I had easy accessibility to:
    3 Floyds
    Brasserie Cantillon
    Cigar City
    Foothills Brewing Company
    Great Lakes
    Hill Farmstead Brewery
    Lawson's Finest Liquids
    New Glarus
    Smuttynose Brewing Co.
    Southern Tier
    Surly Brewing Co.

    If you have local, easy accessibility to any of these breweries above and are interested in trying any of the ones I listed, do not hesitate to contact me.
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