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    Since my days as a bartender in London during the 1980's, I have been searching for good American beer, which used to be nearly impossible to find. Now it seems there is not enough time to keep up with all the new and interesting brews -- not just across Amercia but within a hundred mile radius of where I live (Chicago). I am a bit of a purist (I dont' want berries or pumpkins in my beer) and am sweet enough as it is (no over abundance of caramel or treacle for me) but appreciate a variety of beer and ale, especially if it is secure in it's identity. Being a woman beer drinker can be a bt lonely, and I hope one day to have my own brew, but until than, I enjoy discovering the newly crafted, though will never forget the first and only time I tasted McEwans Cream Conditioned 80 Shilling Ale at the Fiddlers' Arms in Edinbourgh after the the annual rugby match against Aberystwyth. It may not have been the best there was, but it opened the door and I haven't looked back since.
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