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    New York
    I like to try as many new and different things as possible -- when in doubt, send me something I haven't had before. Current favorite might be Barleywines, but I also love all types of stouts and porters. Hoppy stuff (except Mosaic) is always welcome, with the caveat that statistical analysis tells me I'm not a big fan of New England IPA's. The only things I usually don't like are wheat beers, and really hot/spicy/peppery beers. Saisons and sours tend to be hit or miss with me. I guess I basically like relatively boring stuff (coffee/chocolate/vanilla/hops)? And anything new is always welcome.

    I'm trying to chase down beer from all the states and am currently missing Idaho, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota and West Virginia.

    Regarding swag, I always appreciate #properglassware to add to my collection and drink new stuff from. Brewery T shirts (large) are cool too.

    And if people are looking for stuff, while I get pretty wide distribution due to an awesome location, most of my good local beers (NY Mid Hudson Valley and Connecticut) tend to be draft only. But I can usually chase down Plan Bee, Single Cut, Sip of Sunshine, Suarez or occasionally Hudson Valley.

    The Locals
    -- Round 1 sender @raulazzer , target @mkhartnett
    -- Mini-six sender @JasonR1975 , target @cultclassic89
    -- Round 3 sender @treznor , target @seanhand_atl
    -- Not-the-summer-sixer sender @Louis121 , target @valrxman
    -- Anti-Circle Jerk LIF BIF sender @hoppyseb, target @wheelzntoys
    -- Almost Anniversary BIF sender @rspauldi, target @mcmastersanchez
    -- Round Se7en sender @campa86 , target @Louis121
    -- Thank God for Locals Turkey Sixer sender @Corriecrafts , target @pnelting
    -- April Fools Sixer senders @UcDru and @UTvols05 (ninja strike on me)
    -- Locals 2nd Anniversary Round sender @bevoduz , target @PG2G
    -- Locals Double Team Round -- senders @kramerbarthomer & @whyteboy003 , targets @JoeyIce3 & @sembo , co-senders @jdimento & @Yourahoser
    -- Locals Round 12 (Theme Days) -- sender @dannyfayy, target @corriecrafts
    -- Locals Round 13 (4th of July Sixer) -- sender @NJB145 , target @NickyPogs
    -- Locals Round14 (4.0 FOMO Round) -- sender @edhizdeid , target @tommyguz

    Rookies BIF Round 2 -- sender @Jimmy_Kneecaps , target @Orca_Whale

    Newbies Thanksgiving (+) Round -- sender @LloydDobler, target @sfhardy

    12 Days of xmas
    -- 2014 -- sender @UTvols05 , target @newjack
    -- 2017 -- sender @nickypogs , target @ninjembro
    -- 2018 -- sender @jschott75, targets @alwaysplayin and @jasonr1975

    Trades should all be logged, too many ninja boxes (in both directions) to keep track of...(well, I'm keeping track of them, but not listing them).
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