Zealot, Male, 38, from New York

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    Feb 10, 1980 (Age: 38)
    New York
    "Milk is for babies, when you get older you have to drink beer."


    Having a constant love affair with bodybuilding and beer and the two never argue or fight and are perfectly intertwined. The goals are similar in that I am trying to step onstage and show people something they have never seen before, and at the same time drink something unlike anything I have tasted before. Basically, I am seeking perfection in both.

    Co-President/Founder of Rarity Inc.

    400+ Trades To Date, If References Are Needed Please Ask And I Will Provide

    Review #200 = Pseudo Sue

    *Vosko - 1st In Line On Vermont Brew- Helped Me Out Big Time with Good Gourd 2013 & 2014 plus Good Gourd Almighty.

    *MaltyLareau - regular trading partner mainly for New Glarus & TG, great guy!

    *Saemick - Regular Pipeworks connect, recommended BA.

    *Popery - A long time trading partner that I have had a ton of great deals with and has gotten me some of the best beers I have come in contact with, this guy is aces!

    *Beeruser - My long time friend and trading partner, Zach is the real deal down south!

    *Googzoid10 - Next In Line For Green Diamonds cans
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