Jun 5, 2016
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Initiate, Male, from California

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    In my 20's to mid 30's i was somewhat of a brewphile, until the market seemed to get so flooded with garbage that it wasn't worth the time (or carbs) to stray from staples like smithwicks and guiness.
    In the past couple years my son has reintroduced me to craft beers and though there are still plenty of bad beers out there, there are also so many great beers that it makes it well worth the trade off.
    Living in northern California there are and endless supply of craft breweries, and now when I vacation I always research the local beer scene of the city i'm in.
    I don't proclaim to know it all, or even know enough to be a brewphile, but i do know what I like and what I don't. I think much of what people like is very much personal preference. For instance I prefer IPA's , reds and stouts and don't care much for sours and wheats. Therefore I will never bash any particular beer, but I will say that there are beers that I don't care for.
    I am very intrigued with the BA trade program, there are some east coast beers that I would like to give a try but can't get in CA. and there are plenty of Ca beers i'm sure east coasters crave (i.e. Pliny the Elder etc).
    Anyways these are some of my current faves and some staples too
    Pliny the Elder DIPA (always have a 12 pack and growler in the fridge).
    Blind Pig (always have a couple bottles)
    Guinness (ONLY OUT OF THE CAN).... yes I drink a macro
    Deep knee citra IPA (low expectations and very pleasantly surprised)
    21st ammendment toaster pastry (red)
    Odell Myrcenary

    hit me up with any suggestions, i'm always up to try a good beer.

    Looking forward to my next great beer! ~Mitch
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