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    I'm in Philly, PA. Because of limited fund, I'm currently mostly restricted to my "Wants", but I'm almost usually opened for Side Project, HF, Tired Hands, and Lawson's.

    My favorite local brewery is Tired Hands and love to share their beers. They put new beers out ALL THE TIME and their D/IPAs are especially outstanding (as are many of their saisons). If you're interested in anything that's currently on tap at TH (usually a day behind), get in touch with me.

    Besides TH, beers I usually have access to are Russian River sours, and those available here.

    I'm winding down on my trading, but I prefer trading with long-term fair-minded trading partners around the country who value a solid relationship instead of "winning" in trades. I'm a prolific trader with an extensive network of long-term partners around the country that can help you get most of the beers you want in the long run. If you're new to trading, I'll be happy to help you out and guide you through the process even if you don't trade with me.

    If you're planning on coming to Philly for a visit, send me a message! I'll be happy to help you with any questions you may have with the beer scene, bars, restaurants, touristy stuff here. More likely than not I'll be able to come out and grab a few drinks with you. I'm also interested in IP trading.

    I value good communication first and foremost. I will respond to EVERY message received regardless of reason for contacting me. In that same light, if I contacted you for something you initiated, especially with offering exactly what you're ISO and you don't have the courtesy of responding, I will not trade with you or interact with you in the future.

    > My packing method and shipping recommendation
    > My thoughts on how to keep trading cost down
    > Thoughts on lost packages (I prefer option #2)

    Extras are not expected, but appreciated. I usually do 2 small extras or 1 "big" extra in a trade and ask that my trading partner to keep it to 1 or 2, IF they choose to send extras. My main concern is to send/receive the primary trade items safely. I use to see what isn't distributed to the partner's state and/or send beer I enjoy myself and/or that is rated high (close to 90 on BA or higher) and/or something very unique. I would also have absolutely no problem agreeing up front on "no extras".

    I very much prefer "no extras" for in person trade!!!

    Shipping/Signature Required Warning:
    PLEASE! If you live in an area where packages can be stolen, PLEASE make sure to ask me to request "signature required" delivery. It's your responsibility to ensure that you are home to receive the package. FedEx will leave packages outside. If they are stolen after marked "delivered", it's beyond my scope of responsibility. For my part, I don't need the box to require signature.

    Bad traders reported on BA
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