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    Drinker of good beer.

    I started when I realized that bud-miller-cooers-bush tasted foul and was only palatable when ice-cold. In the 1990's the best beer in Duluth was Guiness extra stout, so that's what I drank. From here, I fell in love with Big Boat Oatmeal Stout at Fitger's Brew Pub (Duluth, MN).

    Next I moved out to New York and fell in love with Southern Tier brewing company, and stumbled upon the Galeville Grocery in Syracuse (Liverpool), NY. They had a huge selection of Stone, other California beers, and the full spread of Victory, Southern Tier, and many more. Really, my first bomber of Stone's Russian Imperial Stout is what really woke me up to Beer Advocacy. A close second is tied between Stone's Arrogant Bastard Strong Ale and Ruination IPA.

    From here I spent some time around Philly, PA and realized that Belgians may be the death of me. Not from drinking too much, but from the allergic reaction and the closing of vital airways that are usually needed for breathing.

    Finally, I moved back to Minnesota just in time for Surly to open and am now amazed by Surly's Furious and Abrasive Ale. Works. Of. Art.

    Now I'm back in the Duluth/Superior area and am amazed by the beer scene that has grown. Fitger's is going strong, DuBrew is growing, and there are 3 or 4 small micro places open. And, the Mount Royal bottle shop and Keyport Liquors have started to provide amazing beer!
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