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    July 2

    Favorite Styles
    Sours, Sour types, Juicy D/IPAs with balancing bitterness

    Really roasty stouts, old IPAs (c’mon people), smoked beers, almost any lagers (except Jack’s Abby and the like)

    Top wants
    Mila Kunis pre-preggo, De Garde, Side Project, SARA, Freetail Sours, Crooked Stave Sours, Toppling Goliath

    Perpetual ISO
    Westbrook Gose, Zombie Dust, Permanent Funeral, Beatification
    Pretty much anything on my Top Newish Beers list


    Top Newish Beers (in no order)
    2010: Blind Pig
    2011: Wolf Creek Hefeweizen, Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard
    2012: Collaboration not Litigation, Westy 8, Westy 12
    2013: Parabola 2012, Atrial Rubicite (most of Jester King(AL, NC, DU, RU55)), Oude Tart w/ Cherries, Heady Topper, Jupiter Quasar DIPA, Beatification b6, The Wanderer, West Ashley
    2014: Westbrook Gose, Cascade Kriek, PsuedoSue, Zombie Dust, Freetail Salado Kriek, Freetail Yo Soy un Berliner, Permanent Funeral, Montmorency vs. Balaton, Hill Farmstead Biere de Norma, Black Note, FW Zinskin, FW Saucerful of Secrets, Lou Pepe Kriek

    --------------------Trade History--------------------
    I use multiple sites

    Nanobrew (LIF second place)
    Gregkoko (LIF winner)
    Jburns301 (second trade)

    27. mgr78704 (BA): IP trade for wants. Another solid guy I drink with often.
    26. Blackelvis (BA): IP trade for Avery BA beers+. Hope I can bring some beers to his state next time.
    25. falc0n2600 (): Good communication, great packing. Amazing sour box.
    24. Carp19 (BA): Great packing, awesome sour box.
    23. Elprico (BA): Good communication. Mostly sours and IPAs. Worked through shipping issues, good trader.
    22. Steve423423: IP trade for wants.
    21. Beernerds (BA): Easy IP trade for wants by proxy.
    20. Wiingan (BA): IP trade for wants, real easy.
    19. LambicKing (BA): Great communication. Was a muling that he generously turned into a semi open-ended trade. Part of the trade was IP, so we got to hang out. Another great guy to hang with!
    18. Compton25 () x2: Sours and homemade sausages. Great guy to trade and hang with!
    17. Jmarsh (): Good communicatio. Nice Sour and IPA box.
    16. Mrk_d (): IP trade and small bottle share. Good communication and was awesome to drink with.
    15. ext!rpate (BA): IP trade for wants. Another fun guy to drink with.
    14. Rubio: Easy IP trade. Fun guy to drink with.
    13. jburns301 (BA): Outstanding communication. Niely packed Wicked Weed and Westbrook box.
    12. Soto (BA): Great communication and generous. Sours and locals. Good packing.
    11. t_carterb (): Good communication and packing. Westbrook box.
    10. jtmartino () x2: Great communication and packing! Delicious Sours.
    9. Buzzword (): Great. Simply can't go wrong with Buzzword! Sours and more.
    8. Jpizo (): Good communication and generous shipping offered! Sent me some sours and NG.
    7. Danzborin (): IP trade/s for wants via proxy (mattchow)
    6. PatrickInAustinTx (BA) x3: IP trades. Good communication, always a pleasure to trade with Patrick!
    5. KrokodilDundee (BA): IP trade for wants.
    4. Brendan4532 (BA) x2: Two Cigar City+ boxes
    3. skuter (): Good communication. Sent me an assortment of Bruery beers in a well-packed shipper.
    2. acropora (BA) x2: Good communication. Sent me two boxes of Bruery beers. Used tape on some bubblewrap.
    1. miikezombie (BA): Took my T card! Hooked me up with some beer I struck out on and sent very quickly (in a well-packed box) so I could forward it in a gift box I sent out.

    Open Ended, etc.
    Buzzword - Muled succesfully
    LambicKing - I am muling
    Blue_bleeder – Sent a tank of a box after I surprise boxed him. Prepping return fire.
    Jester King Hibernal muling (for 4 people)
    Decadance - Jester King muling
    Jester King Zwanze day 2013 glass muling (for 15 people)
    Gopackgo58 x2

    Budget LIF – Gregkoko and nanobrew won
    SW forum BIF/LIF, BA – Videofrog and Lutter “won”
    Guess my name LIF – Doobgoob won

    --------------------About Me--------------------
    Norcal native (Bay area), went to UCSB, transplanted to Austin TX for the time being. I fly back and forth sometimes, always with beer checked.

    Blind Pig and my older brother got me into craft in 2010, though I didn't like IPAs for over two years. Now I like my IPAs fresh and juicy with some dankness.

    IPAs are best fresh, and if I trade for them I will specify this. In return, I will only trade fresh IPAs and tell you bottle/can dates (if able) if I think there might be a concern.

    I like every style, but am not a fan of roasty beers. I'll try any beer once. Here's how I explained it to a friend: When I say roasty I mean the coffee-like roast smell or flavor. It can come from added coffee, or having a malt bill that has a high percentage of roasted malt. It's not the maltiness itself, some doppelbocks and standard stouts can be quite malty without being roasty. I wouldn't really worry about it though, because most out-of-distro beers I get I save for bottle shares (unless it's a hoppy beer that should be drank fast), and others will like it.
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