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    Dec 2, 1983 (Age: 34)
    *** Past trade partners, I moved end of November 2013 so don't send any boxes to the Westerville address. Contact me for updated info ***

    I travel all over Ohio and surrounding states for work so willing to pick up any Ohio local or surrounding beers for trade. Just ask...

    Looking for any Cigar City(major want-Life is Like...), 7venth Sun, de Garde(fruited Bu's), Trillium Brewing(anything), Jester King, Toppling Goliath, Crooked Stave and any solid locals...

    I love IPAs, Sour/Wild Ales and go nuts for a great RIS... I will never look down on any style of beer because someone brewed it to be enjoyed.

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    Excellent Traders:
    TheGordianKnot- x numerous- recommend
    c64person- A+ and amazing homebrewer!
    JohnG190- x 3- recommend/great extras
    NickDrista- x 6- fast shipper/really good extras/A+ all around
    Bigbear968- You are crazy to pass up an opportunity to trade with him!

    chadwicktorres- x 2- amazing box of beers/don't hesitate to trade
    kayakandbeer- x 4- quick shipper and sent lots of great extras!
    Jakeitup- x 2- lots of awesome extras both times!
    dm123- x 2- A++ both times
    rwhite757- x 2- generous with extras

    JHE73-smoothest/fastest trade ever
    Fatsnowman22- great trader and tasty extras
    mc51- a+ trader
    hurleymanvw- went out of his way to ship fast... great trader
    elkinbrown- IP
    masterofsparks- IP
    Libbey-amazing extras
    zbodnar1- a+ trader
    bsnone- x 2- really good extras
    likebutter- solid trader
    Jaken0ss- solid trader
    time4lunch-traded glassware

    Nollie77- IP-great unexpected extras
    ajtorres311-sent great TMTOBA 8 box + trade box
    ET678-sent great TMTOBA 8 box + trade box
    ElderPuma-sent great TMTOBA 8 box


    BIF/LIF: TMTOBA Part 8-The Amazing Brewery Race- Runner Up
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