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    New York
    General Info:

    I live in long Island N.Y. I was born in 82 and im Irish (go figure, I love beer) I Love to travel and I enjoy a good brew, cigar and good conversation.

    Beer Related Info:

    I rate beer by its style. I don't compare a Stout to a Pale Ale. If its the best beer I've tried in that style than it is 4.95 or above for me.

    I love visiting breweries, brewpubs and craft bars and actually plan trips to visit new places. I love to attend beer fests and competitions. I also love sharing my beers as well as hosting and attending bottle shares, verticals and tastings.

    DRINK LOCAL!!! We have some really good, underrated breweries here on Long Island. I've tried most of the brews from them and they are on par with the some of the best. Just because my Local isn't Hill Farmstead, Kuhnhenn, Alpine or Cigar City doesn't mean we don't have great brews. Ill throw them in as extras most of the time to share the love. If you see a brewery your interested in, let me know. List of Long Island Breweries ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

    Favorite Styles:
    In order and prefer them to their season

    ●Stouts(Any kind incl.Oatmeal Milk/Cream/Sweet. Preferably Barell/Cask Aged Stouts) ●Wee Heavy ●Barleywine ●American Pale Ale ●IIPA ●Old Ale ●Strong Ale ●Bocks ●Dubbel ●Porter ●IPA ●Tripel ●Quad ●Fruit ●Hefewiezen ●Brown Ale ●Farmhouse/Saisons ●Rye and everyrhing else.

    Don't Like: ●Sours, ●Wild Ales ●Brett ●Overly Carbonated Beers.. you get it, im a cheap date. But they ARE NOT out of the discussion.

    Tastes I Prefer in Beers:
    ●Malty ●Sweet (brown sugar/vanilla/chocolate) ●Plum/Raisin/Date/Fig/Dark Fruit ●Cask (Barell) [specifically Rum or Whiskey] ●Coffee(Roast) ●Hops (any Variety, Wet, dry..single..double etc... ●Liquorice/Anice ●Fruit (strawberry, rasberry, banana etc)

    Favorite Breweries: (not in any order)
    ●Evil Twin ●Founders ●Kuhnhenn ●Stone ●Great Divide ●Firestone Walker ●Cigar City ●Maine Beer Co. ●Against The Grain ● Dark Horse ●Alpine ●Peekskill ●Shorts ●Odd Side Ales ●Bells ●Westbrook ●Barrage

    Breweries I want to try/try more of: (not in any order)
    ●Toplin Goliath ●Hair Of The Dog ●Three Floyds ●Hill Farmstead ●Alpine ●Odd Side ●Cantillion ●New Belgium ●Bruery ●Jester King ●Lawsons ●NEBCO ●Prairie Artistan Ales ●Funky Buudah ●Peggs/Cycle Brewing ●Russian River ●Deschuttes ●Foreign beers

    Perma Wants I can't get regularly:
    ●Alpine Nelson ●Kuhnhenn 4D(Reg &BB) ●Dark Horse BBPT5 ●The Abyss ●The Alchemist Heady Topper ●Hair of the dog Old Ales

    Tastings, Verticals, Horizontal Results:

    Events, Best of's:

    Helpfull information/Sites:

    Bottle date info:

    Trading and packing tips:
    http://alewatcher.blogspot.com/2010/11/new-trader-tips.html?m=1#General Info and Advice
    Trading Info:

    Love to trade whether it be Shelf Turds, Locals or Rarities. Good traders have great communication, dont try to get over on you, give extras & hook you up.

    If you decide to send extras, it is better to send me brews from your local places instead of sending me something I might of had. Try to avoid sending a beer or style I've had or have access to and try to send brews from my favorite styles or styles I have not tried as I will do the same.

    Proper Glassware is a must and if you have access to some nice Tulips, Snifters or Teku's please let me know (especially any minis [6-8oz] or tasters [2-4oz]) and we can swap glassware as well. Im also up for throwing in glass as an extra.
    Here is a list of the GlassWare I own:
    Some GlassWare Wants:
    ● Anything mini- Mini Snifters, Mini Tekus, Mini Mugs, Mini Stemware... Anything Mini... especially on the lookout for any and all Elysian Pumpkin Mini Snifters.
    ● Any Tasters - whether for sale or pocketed from the brewery im always looking for branded tasters.
    ● Three Floyd's Teku ● Bourbon County Snifter ● Jackie O's Mini ● Maine Beer Co. Mini ●Southern Tier Pumkin Mini ● Three Floyds Dark Lord Mini (except the 14 silver)

    Some glassware id love but I considered whalez...
    ● Kuhnhenn Tulip (not the snifter, the Tulip){My #1 want. Huge fan of the brewery and would do lots of things for that glass} ● Mikkeller Stars Teku ● O.G. Dino ● O.G. Dark Lord Mini ● O.G. Elysian Pumpkin

    My Basic Distribution: http://www.seekabrew.com/distro/index.html
    Just click on NY. Some breweries are not listed. Also lots of good locals as well

    My Cellar: ( mainly for my info/referance, but it is a public file now so look on..)

    Beers For Trade: This is a general list of the beers I have im willing to part with. Keep in mind any beer that makes it into N.Y. Distro is also available.

    Trade History:

    BIF History:

    Shirt Size: XXL
    Hat Size: 7-3/4
    prefer stickers, glassware or barware to clothing

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