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Initiate, Male, from Alabama

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    I am a middle-aged guy, but there is no crisis here.
    I know who I am, and what I like, and I'm comfortable with that.

    one of the things I like very much is good beer,
    though I'm often relegated to having to deal with the dregs of malted booze.

    my taste in beers is wide-ranging.
    I can enjoy a Steel Reserve, Hurricane, or Natty Ice
    (but please, for the love of Pete, keep Earthquake well away;
    it's one of the few things I'll never drink again.);
    however, my real love is truly good beers.

    I'm very happy that my hometown, Huntsville, AL,
    has not one, not two, but about half a dozen microbreweries that all put out some nice beers,
    and there are several more within 100 miles of here!
    (RIP, Olde Towne... at least your Pumpkin brew lives on,
    thanks to Straight to Ale!)

    Straight to Ale's my favorite of the locals,
    but my tastes range beyond that as well --
    I'm a big fan of heavy, dark beers... stouts, especially...
    and of Hefeweizens, IPAs, and other gnarly, bitter brews.

    high IBUs are attractive to me, but sometimes lighter things
    are also pleasing to my palate.
    the belief that variety is the spice of life
    holds special meaning for me. :slight_smile:
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