Initiate, Male, from Montana

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    October 26
    Author of Montana's only brewery guidebook, Montana Beer: A Guide to Breweries in Big Sky Country

    Favorite Styles:
    ·Baltic Porters!
    ·Imperial Stouts (both barrel-aged and non-, and coffee/vanilla variants)
    ·Barley Wines / Old Ales
    ·Double IPAs
    ·Saisons / Farmhouse Ales

    Generally Dislike:
    ·No lagers, please
    ·most Scotch Ales
    ·“thin” Porters

    Top Wants:
    ·Portsmouth Imperial (Baltic) Porter
    ·Kuhnhenn Imperial Bourbon Barrel Braggot

    Always Looking For:
    ·Surly Coffee Bender
    ·Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter
    ·Fresh Hop Crisis
    ·Awesome glassware

    Completed trades:
    ·bpgpitt10 x6 (great extras!)
    ·cwguy5 x2 (great extras!)
    ·SwillinBrew (great extras!)
    ·sleuthdog (great extras!)
    ·GeezLynn (great extras!)
    ·Tip Top (TBS)
    ·trvlnmanroc (reddit - beer for cigars)
    ·OldNintendood (reddit)

    IP trades:
    ·JEdmund x2
    ·JeepCop (great extras!)

    -Movie Night BIF (target: Twiggamortis420)
    -Poker BIF 2.0 (target: Retail1LO)
    -The SUPER BOWL XLVI Squares LIF/BIF (target: Auslander)
    -Movie Night BIF, Round 2, BAs Bogus Journey (target: wscaffe)
    -Gang Bang BIF, Round 2 (Team Captain, target Team Philly)
    -The SUPER BOWL XLVII Squares LIF/BIF (target: BGsWo22)

    bpgpitt10 and I started a Beer Release spreadsheet. Feel free to add to it through:
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