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Poo-Bah, Male, 34, from New Jersey

Society Trader
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    Jun 3, 1986 (Age: 34)
    New Jersey
    Successful trades:
    Skrip (excellent trader!) x2 + x4IP
    Ahappyhiker2 (excellent trader!) x4 IP
    arash1000 (very good/generous trader!)
    nmann08 (excellent trader!)
    Pisano (excellent trader, extremely generous!)
    MooseBoose (very good trader!)
    dfree23 (good trader)
    Bencooper27 (very good trader!)
    IPAyForHops (excellent/generous trader!)
    claspada (very good trader!)
    1up (excellent/generous trader!)
    cpetrone84 (excellent trader!)
    SixPack6 (excellent/generous trader!)
    jdub76 (excellent/generous trader!) x2
    drebrew (excellent trader!) IP x2
    EgadBananas (excellent/generous trader!)
    BMart (excellent/generous trader!) x3
    jcvanderbilt (excellent trader!)
    Funhausen (good trader)
    kdmcquire10 (AMAZING trader! super generous! hook this guy up!)
    Compton25 (very good trader!)
    copslovebeer (very good trader!) x2
    liquidjo (excellent trader!)
    cwelsh55 (excellent trader!) IP
    Sean9689 (excellent trader!) x3
    CTJman (great trader, and packs the box so a tank couldn't break it's contents!)
    iLOVEbeer (awesome guy, and excellent trader!) IP
    chicagofoodies (excellent trader and super friendly guy!) IP
    Somel3uddy (very good trader!)
    mabmab67 (very good trader!)
    Makebelieve81 (awesome trader, great extras, great guy!) x2
    GABrew (excellent trader, very generous!)
    Jmitchell3 (good trader)
    philmore (excellent trader, and a great guy!) IP
    Drunken_Monk (very good trader, good communication!)
    KaiserSose (very good trader, perfectly packed box!)
    shehateme (awesome trader, very generous!)
    ThreeLeafClover (excellent trader, good communication/packing!)
    IPAkindaguy (excellent trader, good communication/packing!)
    Moyman (fantastic trader, super generous!)
    drummermattie02 (very good trader!)
    gueuzedreg (excellent trader, good communication, generous!)
    wiescins (excellent trader, good communication, generous!) x2
    rjjhoffman (very good trader, excellent packing!)
    nlabruyere (absolutely outstanding trader!) Ongoing
    DrewGingras (freaking awesome trader! trade with this guy!)
    kbhess (awesome guy, and true BA! trade with him!) IP
    TaborTime (fantastic trader, would gladly trade again!) Ongoing
    Domvan (very good trader! generous and shipped quickly!)
    CassinoNorth (excellent trader, great communication!) IP
    harrydorofee (awesome trader, sweet extras!) IP
    FrankenMiller (excellent trader, very generous, awesome extras!)
    sphym (great trader, and a really nice guy!)
    Matt2591 (great trader, quick shipping, great packing!)
    ILBeerCop (awesome trader, super generous with extras!) x2
    Travitten (very good trader, great packing!)
    jacken0ss (excellent trader that is really generous and a great person!) IP
    pmoney (excellent trader, great communication, very generous!)
    N8DAGR8 (absolutely awesome trader, super generous!)
    Getalegup (excellent trader, good communication!)
    bhudlow23 (excellent trader, super generous, quick shipping!)
    Compton25 (awesome trader that's really generous and easy to deal w/!)
    halo3one (great trader, very quick/easy communication)
    Ljudsignal (awesome trader, easy negotiation, quick shipping, generous!)
    MRVermont (excellent trader, great communication, quick shipping!)
    richobrien (awesome trader, very generous, quick shipping!)
    pmangold (excellent trader, nice extras, quick shipping!)
    mgr78704 (fantastic trader, very generous, great communication!) x2
    gibgink (fantastic trader, very generous, shipped first as new trader!)
    rainerschuhsler (good trader, just be clear on extras situation)
    Cfeezy (excellent trader, good communication despite a mix up!) IP x2
    PHBoiler (absolutely fantastic trader, crazy generous, great packing!!)
    Mike_DiMattio (great trader, good communication, great packing!)
    fureousangel (very good trader, good communication, solid extras!)
    MrSquash (very good trader, good communication, great packing!) x2
    Clarkee (excellent trader, good communication/extras/packing!)
    fthegiants (fantastic trader, great communication, great extras!) x2
    j205724 (very good trader, good communication, great packing!)
    sgoro (great trader, good communication, great packing, solid extras!)
    lupercmda (great trader, great communication/packing, solid extras!)
    chibeerguy1381 (excellent trader, easy negotiation, solid packing/extras!)
    4truth (very good trader, good communication/packing, solid extras!)
    Brewski (great trader, good communication, stellar packing, nice extras!)
    Rick760Sd (excellent trader, great communication, good packing/extras!)
    daron7 (excellent trader, great communication!) IP x2
    jason3125 (very good trader, quick shipping, excellent packing!)
    HeavyMetalHippie (excellent trader, great packing, generous extras!)
    BigBadBeerSnob (excellent trader, great communication/packing/extras!)
    butternp (great trader! shipped quickly, well packed, nice extras!)
    goryshkewych (very good trader, good packing, nice extras!)
    Jsnyd05 (very good trader, great communication and packing!)
    themaj (great trader! good communication/packing/extras!) x2
    akang (great trader! good communication/packing, generous!)
    whitenads (fantastic trader, great comm., fast shipping, great extras!)
    icculus00 (fantastic trader, excellent communication, generous extras!)
    Tconroy (very good trader, excellent communication, great packing!)
    Nesto144 (excellent trader, quick shipping, great communication!)
    Crookdrain (excellent trader, great communication, nice extra!) IP
    Cardinal_bruin_triton (absolute world class trader, and one of the nicest guys in the business!) x2
    SamC727 (excellent trader, quick shipping, nice guy!) x3
    yankeepride (excellent trader, generous, super nice guy!) x2
    ConradKenney (excellent trader, super quick shipping, nice extras!)
    sembo (great trader, great communication, nice extras!)
    Wunderbeer (great trader, excellent communication, quick shipping!)
    NotHereForGold (excellent trader, great communication, nice extras!) x2
    schiller7114 (great trader, flawless packing, lots of extras!)
    CA-NC5813 (excellent trader, excellent communication, quick shipping!)
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