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    June 16
    Styles I Like: Stouts of all kinds, Barleywines (American and English), Sours of all kinds, and Fresh IPA's!

    Styles I Don't Like: Saisons, Smoked Beers (rauchbiers, etc) and to a lesser extent - browns.

    FYI: Access to many more beers from local stores and/or my cellar - not listed on my Gots.

    I truly get equally excited about local brews that I've never tried as I do about that elusive whale.

    Having said that, I've had styles I don't like sent in BIF's as well as beers I can easily obtain out here in WA. It's a minor annoyance but a little homework can easily prevent this fellow BA's. Thanks!

    Complete List of Trades As Of: 10/18/15

    ramielschild (TX)
    *Uwftke26 (VA)
    *bowersdm (OH) + 1
    *Tilley4 (TN) + too many to count (9/15 most recent)
    *Jcb890 (MA)
    *Sebletitje (FL) + 1
    *Pamola (VT)
    *falcon1 (NC)
    *rpstevens (NH) + 2
    eyncognito (WI)
    *sohio (OH)
    *carp420 (GA)
    *beeruser (GA)
    *eggplantwizard (MA) + 1
    *chewy (OR)
    *andreamarie (MI)
    *hawks10 (IL) + too many to count
    *jh1982 (NV)
    RLCleary (SC) + 1
    *ScottyShades (FL)
    HeadyHops81 (VA)
    *Peesie (IL)
    *Vaison (DE)
    *rpohagan (PA) +2
    *Double06 (GA)
    *AwYeh (OH) + 1
    *czoch75 (IL)
    GhettoFabulous (CA)
    *johndoe8 (CA)
    *ShanePB (PA)
    *OakedCanuck (TX)
    Mothman (MN)
    *Bennettrox (TN)
    Kaydogg (PA)
    *DMBharold (NC)
    *jeonseh (IN)
    *blacknyellow20 (OH)
    *richkrull (WI)
    *queens1130 (CA)
    *GRDave (MI) + 1



    Educators - (fr Darkerthebetter to Adam Harbaugh)
    Secret Bunny 2009 - (fr Kegatron to DeaconBluez)
    Photographers - (fr RLCleary to jstassi)
    Secret Santa 2009 - (fr ckeegan04 to sholland119)
    Beanie 2010 - (fr TimmyP to BetterDarker)
    Hometown 2010 - (fr Kelp to Idrinkgas)
    Secret Halloween 2010 - (fr beer4otto to beer4otto)
    Secret Bunny 2011 - (fr brentk56 to Imstillthegman)
    Secret Halloween 2011 - (fr ChefMonty to richkrull)
    Secret Bunny 2012 - (fr mymrnngjckt to drgonzo3705)
    Secret Halloween 2012 - (fr ChefMonty to Brandoman63)
    Secret Bunny 2013 - (fr Imstillthegman to cbeer88)
    Secret Halloween 2013 - (fr Shawnspl to NickyT)
    Secret Halloween 2014 - (fr IPAkindaguy to Immutabledusk)

    Other Misc Info:

    T-shirt Size: XL
    Love regional food stuffs as extras in trades!
    Seattle Next Door: Photographer
    Eclectic Arts Magazine: Publisher/Editor (music/art)

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