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    I enjoy beers that use experimental ingredients and unique methods, combining old world methods and new technological advances. Whilst I explore, search out, and support local brews, I yearn for all the beer the wrold has to offer.

    Examples include:

    -Pumpking (loves the "bready,crusty flavor this pumpkin beer produces)
    -Dogfish Theobrama (inclusion of chili and cocoa nibs)
    -Amanac (brews include odd ingredients such as: plums, fennel, blood orange, etc.)
    -Mikkeller (love ALL Mikkeller beers, loved his winter IPA using pine needles and ginger)

    In that spirit, I look forward to trading the gifts available on the west coast for most any and all quality brews. No trade too big or too small to consider.

    I have easy access to Russian River, Deschutes Reserve Series (Abyss, Black Butte XXII and others), Lost Abbey, and Green Flash.

    Beer trade history:

    CUE45 (Pending)
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