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    Beer is good.

    Beer preferences:
    • Bread and butter is IPA and varieties thereof.
    • Love lambic/gueuze and similarly wild sour stuff.
    • Have recently fallen in love with lagers.
    • Very easily overwhelmed by cinnamon in a beer.
    • Rarely find kettle sours that I like.
    • Open to everything, even if it's a style I typically don't like, I will give it a shot and appreciate the experience, even if not the beer.

    Beer review #1: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - Pale Ale (2008-10-07)
    Beer review #500: Kassik's Kenai Brew Stop - Morning Wood IPA (2012-09-16)
    Beer review #1000: Brasserie St. Feuillien - Belgian Coast IPA (2015-03-29)
    Beer review #1500: Alewerks Brewing Company - Bitter Valentine (2017-02-19)
    Beer review #2000: Bullfrog Brewery - Le Roar Grrrz Black Raspberry (2018-12-02)
    Beer review #2500: Barrier Brewing Company - Deadly Combination: Columbus and Mosaic (2020-05-31)
    Beer review #3000: Cloudburst Brewing - A Whole New World (2021-05-20)

    Currently exploring the world of whisky and beer pairings...

    Rough interpretation of my ratings, as of 2021-02-27:
    • 5.00: Dunno. Maybe I'd be willing to give up all other beers to have this one? Have inappropriate dreams about it? I've never rated a beer this high.
    • 4.75: I remember it fondly and possibly pine after it, even if I only had it once. Looking at these beers in my review history makes me wistful.
    • 4.50: I probably remember it as a stand-out among the thousands of beers I've tried, might have a standing policy to buy it if I see it.
    • 4.25: Tempted to buy it every time I see it, and often do (or regret not doing so).
    • 4.00: Tempted to buy it every time I see it, but often don't. I would strongly recommend anything with this rating or higher.
    • 3.75: Happy to have it any time. Probably my most common rating.
    • 3.50: No problem drinking it, but not necessarily happy to drink it.
    • 3.25: I've had worse beers, but I'm not excited about this. Wouldn't order it again, most likely.
    • 3.00: It's not very bad, but it's not very good. I may or may not make faces while drinking it.
    • 2.75: Everything here or below is probably something I wouldn't have again, unless external pressures made it difficult to avoid (or I was just curious if my tastes had changed substantially). Drainpour is likely.
    • 2.50: It's bad. I'd recommend water instead. I mean, it won't kill you or anything, but…why would you drink it?
    • 2.25: Don't drink this, and definitely not anything I've rated worse. Only about six beers have been in this region.
    • 2.00: It's very, very bad. Ill-conceived and/or flawed. I've only rated four-ish beers in this region.
    • 1.75: It's irredeemably bad. I've only rated one or two beers in this region.
    • 1.50: It's unforgivably, unforgettably bad. I have only rated one beer this low, and nothing lower, so the rest is conjecture.
    • 1.25: Superlatively bad?
    • 1.00: I have nightmares about having to drink this beer? Would give up drinking before drinking this again? That's a stretch…
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