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Back home, just starting to again in a little more than 12 hours Feb 27, 2023

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    1. snaotheus
      Back home, just starting to again in a little more than 12 hours
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      2. mpruden
        Enjoy your brief rest, friend.
        Feb 27, 2023
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    2. snaotheus
      My son asked me what people from Florida are called. I told him, "Retirees." Whatever, I feel like one, with a beer by the pool on the lanai
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    3. snaotheus
      In-laws are here for my daughter's birthday party...time for beer (and lots of hand-washing dishes)
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    4. snaotheus
      Man, now my damn dishwasher's broke
      1. BigIronH
        Mine too. Now I’m the dishwasher…
        Feb 4, 2023
    5. snaotheus
      I didn't expect to be soldering on my laptop's motherboard this morning
    6. snaotheus
      Jesus, 2023 has been a long year
    7. snaotheus
      Holiday break starts will be involved.
    8. snaotheus
      This weekend, I get to hang out with both my brothers for the first time in seven years. I suspect beer will be involved.
      1. jonphisher
        I see what you did here...I suspect a beer will be involved with the latter part of my day today.
        Dec 14, 2022
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    9. snaotheus
      Today is Christmas cookie baking day. Beer will be involved.
      1. jonphisher
        Dec 11, 2022
      2. Roy_Hobbs
        To be fair, couldn't you replace "Christmas cookie baking day" with anything else and beer would still be involved? Today is (insert whatever you're doing today). Beer will be involved.
        Dec 11, 2022
    10. snaotheus
      Nice to be home again!
    11. snaotheus
      Headed home's been fun, but I'm excited to get home.
    12. snaotheus
      Two more nights in Japan, both with business dinner plans. Can I hit another new beer place before I leave?
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      2. shigg85
        Where have you been so far? I live here!
        Nov 16, 2022
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      3. snaotheus
        @shigg85 I've been here for almost two weeks, going home on Friday. I visited Popeye, PDX, the American Craft Beer Experience, Kunisawa, Yona Yona, Good Beer Faucets, Craft Beer Server Land, Thrash Zone, and Far Yeast. Plus Mizonokuchi Brewery and local bars Fujimaru and Mugihigeya. I've been having a good time.
        Nov 16, 2022
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    13. snaotheus
      Enjoying Tokyo area's beer scene.
      1. sebert3030
        What are your favorite beers/places to enjoy in Tokyo? I am visiting in April. Looking for recommendations.
        Nov 17, 2022
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      2. snaotheus
        @sebert3030 My #1 recommendation in Tokyo is Beer Club Popeye. Lots of Japanese craft beer on tap. This trip, Fujizakura and Be Easy impressed me. I've visited Thrash Zone twice and enjoyed it a lot. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kunisawa was a very interesting place to stop with good beer. If you want, message me with more info about where you'll be and what you like, and I'll see if I can help you.
        Nov 17, 2022
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      3. sebert3030
        Thank you. I'll reach out to you as the trip draws sooner. Cheers!
        Nov 17, 2022
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