Aug 7, 2018
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Initiate, Male, from Mississippi

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    Updated 16 June 2020.

    I’ve got a pretty new money palate, preferring NE IPAs and adjunct stouts to the older styles but I'm not as bad as some people, I swear! That said, I’ll try anything for sure. I’m almost exclusively on BA for the BIFs. Also, I don’t have a lot of ticks on here but they can be found on my untapped (jwalley08).

    Things I dig:
    - My current favorite style is fruited sours and farmhouse ales (especially cherry, blackberry, raspberry)
    - Haze craze (except Trillium)
    - Stouts/Porters (especially with vanilla or rye BA)
    - Rye IPAs and Rye BA stouts

    Things I avoid:
    (Not to discourage you from sending things you love, just some guidelines in case you're on the fence.)
    - European styles (sours excluded)
    - Barleywines (only one I've had I enjoyed was BA Vermillion and that thing crushed so maybe some English Barleywines are good?! )
    - Lagers (if I have to, and it's not an ale, I'd chose a pilsner)
    - Most pepper stouts and coconut stouts that border on sunscreen
    - I'm 50/50 on Cinnamon in stouts
    - I enjoy BCBS but not as much as others do relative to their rarity
    - IPAs that tend towards the malty side
    - IPAs that are all Galaxy and the harsher (sharper maybe?) all Citra ones
    - Sour IPAs from anywhere other than Hudson Valley (so far!)

    Things I’m currently seeking out:
    - Milkshake IPAs with guava, coconut,etc
    - Weldwerks
    - Modern Times BA stouts
    - New Glarus non-IPAs
    - Hudson Valley Sour IPAs
    - King Julius / King Jjjuliusss

    If I won the lottery I'd buy:
    - Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Stack

    - Equilibrium
    - Great Notion
    - Other Half
    - Side Project
    - Casey (thanks @KyleDavis hahaha)

    If given the choice I'd prefer more beer > coffee > swag > food > spirits.

    Shirt size large (if it runs on the larger size, go XL if it doesn't)
    Pretty picky about hats if I'm honest...
    Glass: Most anything besides tekus.

    Past BIF Participation (mostly so I don't forget who ninja'd me...if you're looking at this, expect retribution!!):

    Rookie BIF Round 2 Received from @alexsergio, sent to @GoatmanBrewsMD, ninja'd @bstoos and @swenny916 and ninja'd by @Oconomowocian, LIF from @beertunes
    12DOX 2018 Received from @spartan3186, sent to @Cdolan04
    Rookie BIF Round 3 Ninja'd @alexsergio and ninja'd by @bstoos
    Savages Round 2 Ninja'd @Oconomowocian, Ninja'd by @FFFjunkie and @FlintB, sent to @dprice and @FlintB and received from @dprice and @Victory_Sabre1973.
    12DOX 2019 Received from @KyleDavis, sent to @campa86
    Unwarranted N00bie Aggression Ninja'd by @Bstagnone and @Satch44
    Savages Round 3 Received from XXX, sent to XXX, Ninja'd by @brutalfarce
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