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    September 11
    I will no longer be reviewing beers on this site. If you were one of the (few) people who actually read & enjoyed my reviews, I sincerely apologize.

    If you have any of my big wants, please message me and hopefully we can working something out. Look at the list farther down to see what beers are available to me. I live close to Kuhnhenn, Schramm's, B. Nektar, and can readily get many Michigan beers.

    Current Top Wants:
    Apple Brandy or Double Barrel Mexican Cake
    Montmorency vs. Balaton
    Narke Kaggen! Stormaktsporter
    Rodenbach Alexander
    Life Is Like
    Hoppy Birthday & Keene Idea
    Any NG Thumbprint release
    Any & all Upright Sole Comp beers

    Favorite Beer Styles: Imperial stouts, coffee stouts, Berliner/gose, anything sour or funky, saisons, hefeweizens, fresh helles lagers, dry D/IPAs, local pale ales, barley wines, smoked beers.

    Things I Love: Coffee beers, raspberry beers, beers with Bavarian yeast, beers in cans (especially pale ales), beers with good smoke integration, anything sour, vinous, or vinegar-y, beers with nicely balanced funk, Fou Foune, beers with Citra, Amarillo, Centennial, and/or Cascade hops, roasty stouts, Kolsch and Helles lagers that go down easily.

    I Have Access To: Anything you can get in SE Michigan. More specifically.... Kuhnhenn, Jolly Pumpkin, Shorts, Founders, Bells, Dark Horse, Great Lakes, Greenbush, Vivant, Dragonmead, Arcadia, Arbor, Southern Tier, Dogfish Head, Goose Island, New Holland, Lagunitas, etc.

    Breweries of Perpetual WANT:
    Jack's Abby
    Russian River
    New Glarus
    Hill Farmstead
    Jester King
    Tired Hands
    Drie Fonteinen
    Hair of the Dog
    Three Floyds
    Crooked Stave
    The Bruery

    Completed Trade List:

    tectactoe's DO NOT TRADE list:

    "...But, I have to admit, part of what I love so much about it is that, for the most part, it is the ultimately approachable everyman's drink, the basic social lubricant the world over. It's very pedestrian nature is part of what makes it so special. It's not the drink of Kings. It's the drink of Everyone. I am quite sure I have made more friends, and opened more conversations with strangers over a beer, than everything else combined. It has made me happy, alright. My relationship with beer is sometimes work, but it is always a labor of love." - Biffster
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