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Meyvn, Male, from New Jersey

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    New Jersey
    Accomplished prior stated life goal: Marry girlfriend, move to city, enjoy DINK status for a few years.

    Living out current life goal: Move to suburbs, find good house, have good kids and do not get fired from good job I often complain about but which is really not all that bad. All good things we can call our own. We’ve got important things to show for our work.

    Future life goal: Instill strong values in my kids. Take boss’s job. Grow a nice garden. Live abroad.

    I enjoy all things beer: drinking, reading, talking and exploring.

    Domestic work travel takes me all over the country and I go out of my way to try local beers, bars, and breweries when possible.

    Most recently my travels took me to Austin and San Antonio. I spent a delightful Spring evening at Jester King, and finally had the chance to enjoy several well executed lagers from Live Oak.

    Also, recently in DC, I spent an evening at one of my all around favorite beer bars, Church Key, where I enjoyed my first experiences with both Aslin and Horus Aged Ales. After DC I was in Columbus, Ohio where I enjoyed my first beer from Jackie O’s.

    The adventure is never ending.

    Style Loves

    • American IPA - Love a hazy juice bomb as much as the next guy, but enjoy the classics as well.
    • Stout - Always on board with a big, barrel aged stout with a bunch of adjuncts. Equally, if not more impressed by a straightforward stout with bold flavors.
    • English Barleywine - This might be my favorite style. Throw it in a barrel and you’ve won me over.
    • American Wild Ales - Fruit or not
    • Lambic
    • Gueuze
    • Flemish Browns and Reds
    • Belgian Doubles, Tripels and Quads, Oh My.
    • Any German Lager
    • English Brown Ale
    • Saisons - Especially sour
    • American Barleywines
    • Wit

    • Really anything else. Yea, there's not much I don't like. I'll drink my dislikes, but you'd not likely find me buying one.
    My wants are current, but I also have some high levels “series” wants for which I’m agnostic about the specific beer. I just want to try one so I can see what all the hubbub is about:

    Tired Hands Milkshake Series
    Answer Scoops Series
    Burley Oak JREAM Series
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