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    New Jersey
    Style Preferences

    I enjoy all types of beer.

    My favorite styles in no particular order are Stout, IPA, American Wild Ale, Brown Ales Barleywine, German Lagers, Gueuze, Fruited Lambic, Belgian Dubbel, Tripel, Quad, Strong Dark Ale, English Milds and Bitters. But I’m open for anything and love trying new beers with weird ingredients.
    • American IPA - West Coast, East Coast, NEIPA and everything in between.
    • Stout - I love barrel aged stouts with a bunch of flavors/ingredients, but also appreciate a well made stout with nothing added.
    • Barleywine - English is preferred, but I enjoy a well-made American Barleywine. Especially if it’s Barrel Aged.
    • American Wild Ales - Love them, especially with fruit.
    • Anything Belgian - Especially Gueuze, Fruit Lambic, Dubbel, Tripels, Quads and BSDA.
    • I love Lagers, especially German.
    • Brown Ale - Prefer English, but enjoy a well made American.
    • Saisons - Sour and/or funky. I like Brett.
    I love coffee, blueberries and cardamom.

    States Wanted

    South Dakota
    West Virginia

    Styles Wanted (To complete the BA styles)

    Belgian Faro
    Scottish Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale
    English Pale Mild Ale
    German Kristalweizen
    American Dark Wheat Ale
    Belgian Dark Ale
    California Common / Steam Beer
    Bière de Champagne / Bière Brut
    American Imperial Pilsner
    Japanese Happoshu
    Japanese Rice Lager
    Russian Kvass

    New Brewery Wants

    The Answer (3 Scoops)
    St Sixtus Abbey (Westvleteren)

    Trading History

    Trading history includes 4 formal trades on BA and participation in 4 BIF’s including Can Can, 7, 8 and Savages 1 and 2.
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