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Aspirant, Male, from Florida

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    March 26
    Art is an extension of my personal connection to the human experience. While many feel what we do as a job is simply a means to an end, even in client commissioned work, my goal is to create these final products by relating them to my experience. My triumphs, failures and musings all bleed into my creative vision, allowing me to create a vivid and lasting impression on my works, audiences and clients.

    This Virginia-bred editorial and commercial photographer captures more than just the faces of Atlanta, Georgia, his current home base. Equipped with his Canon, his signature beard, plus a New Era fitted cap, Thomas has found himself in the country’s largest exhibit show venues capturing architectural views of trade show booths for corporate marketing collateral, a medium he never anticipated tapping into when he fell in love with lenses and aperture settings in 2006.

    Likewise, he draws inspiration from his many photo walks and also totes his handy moleskin should versatile ideas deserving of sketches creep into his mind. The significant portraiture pieces Thomas executes exhibit solid lighting techniques with clean, high-quality finishes you expect from an artist of his caliber. Even still, he considers himself a student of his craft; he continues to study and activate varied approaches to photography to keep his work relevant and his skills sharp. His premium product has warranted the patronage of such large corporate clients as Mitsubishi Corporation and The Microsoft Store plus private portrait sessions on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    In no way is he a "beer head" but he's looking to learn and grow in the ways of the brewmaster by becoming a contributing member to the Beer Advocate community.
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